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Kennel name: Bobbie Dazzler of Tylerwild 03405-2015 Born 12 March 2015 CL, CEA, TNS clear through parents (black and white)

Daughter of Tui, Granddaughter to Trinity, Great granddaughter to Tyler, Great great Granddaughter to Jessie and of course sister to Sue but a year younger. You still can’t beat the traditional black and white border collies and when Bobbie was born .. well  she just said to me.. Mum I really do have to stay here to keep the black Tylerwild lines going. (She is 4th generation Tylerwild) How right she was.  How could I resist this face.. her dad is Ozzie owned by Anita at Aneeda.

From a very young pup Bobbie became extremely fast and is probably now my fastest runner. She is also very agile and another great fence climber like Shiraz. She has a very gentle nature. She loves people and children. During those  rebellious months (8 to 9mnths) Bobbie would disappear from time to time.. only to be found at the neighbours .. having climbed through their window to get to play with the kids.. hmm grrr. She is not one to miss out and unless she is securely locked down she will find a way to join in..

Bobbie has an instinct to hunt and although she is very good with all our stock and myriads of chickens she has actually managed to catch a few hares. Her speed enables her to chase and then when the hare circles back and is  getting tired with Bobbie hot on its trail the others are able to trap it and boom..  She has fitted in  so well here, she loves playing with the others. Her quiet side (like her Mum Tui) is also strong and she loves her cuddles and  like Sue is pretty happy to sleep on the bed if she can. Most nights we will find her snuggled in between us at some stage or else she sleeps under our bed. We absolutely love her to bits and look forward to the years to come with her.

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