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Charlie RIP 5 Jan 2006- 17 June 2020 

Charlie RIP

For those of you who have lost a furry friend you will know the pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I would like to share a few happy memories of my 14 1/2 years with my friend Charlie.

Charlie was getting old and really slow but she still had a happy spirit in her till the end. Only yesterday morning she happily greeted some visitors and enjoyed her pats. She even wanted to come on our walk in the afternoon. However dinner time came and she didn’t want to get off her bed. I put a blanket over her and gave her my usual kiss and cuddle before my bed and that is where I found Charlie this morning. She went very peacefully.  She is my first dog to have just not woken up and I feel very happy she didn’t suffer. Only a few days ago she snuck out under the gate and caught up with the gang for a walk the dear old girl. It was a slow trip home but she was so happy to be out.

Charlie always loved children from a small pup and would allow Maia and Cast to dress her up and play Drs and nurses and she was just amazingly patient.  Any children that came to see us she would follow around and make friends with. When Trinity came along she would hold Charlies tail. For years poor Charlie had very little hair on it!!

She was a great mum to five litters. But man did she put me through some stressful times when she’d go and hide in a burrow deep in a bank to have the babies. I had to pull her out from a tunnel as long as my body one time only half an hour before she had her babies..  I grabbed her front paws and Greg pulled my feet.. Adrenalin kick supreme!!

She loved her cuddles but she hated your face in hers although that never stopped me.

I have gone through some of my photos of our time together Id like to share.. I think they tell more of a story than my words can.  All day I have just expected her little head to pop up and say what are you doing mum? Trinity now takes place as our eldest here and its going to seem odd not to see both those old girls in their bed at the front door

Charlie ends an era here really as she was the last doggy connection to all my original border collies so I hope she catches up with all of them tonight in doggy heaven Sambo and Jessie, Tyler and Hoons, Maddie and Brucie. Charlie was always low in our pack pecking order but I know she had many fun times and I know  her old friends will look  forward and welcome her up in doggy heaven

Charlie you were my angel and I will miss that little face I fell in love with all those years ago. Rest in peace my friend. You will be very missed but never forgotten. xxx

Riley RIP 17 August 2019

When your dog gets old (and people too) I think you unconsciously mentally prepare yourself that one day they won’t be here. It still doesn’t make it easy.

When you have a fit active dog who is only months off celebrating their 9th birthday and disaster hits it is like being hit by a ton of bricks.. Life can be so unfair. One week he’s fine and the next he’s gone..

We still remember the day we picked Riley up. Little man sat at my feet all the way home. He wasn’t a big cuddler when he first arrived here and I sat down and had a word with him about that.. I said.. We  have cuddles in this family so you better sort your shit out or I will send you packing.. He definitely listened to that . He would sit on my knee any opportunity he could.. Greg use to say he thought our relationship was unhealthy!! He continued to do that all his life. We had to ban him from our bedroom in the end as every time I moved he would jump up and it would  be a full total check over my body and face with his tongue that I was ok

Riley was very special..  He was super smart. He knew before me what I was doing..  I don’t know how he did but he did.. And when it came to going to the vet OMG  he would like do this most incredible vanishing act..

He was a very independent dog.. he wasn’t one to be in your face unless he got to know you.. he had his favourite people and they also loved him back. He was always happy and out on his walks he would be off exploring but keeping half an eye on where I was.. He had a love hate relationship with Chico.. At home it was a hate and who was going to be boss but out together they had great comradery.. They would play like a tag and chase game which was just magical to watch.. Already I see Chico wondering where he is.

I feel a bit lost for words about our Riley dog.. I just didn’t for one minute expect to be writing this today.. I feel cheated we wont get to see him into his old age and care for him. I love my old dogs with a passion .. they are my best friends and Riley has been taken from me too soon.

About 4 years ago Riley got a foreign body in his side.. It was like a pine needle but off the casuarina trees our neighbours have as a shelter belt.. He was operated on twice but they couldn’t find it. I had managed to massage part of it out but sadly some must have remained in him.. It would flare up from time to time over the years in different part of his side.. A month ago we saw an opening on his spine. Sadly we think it then headed to his brain. I knew he wasn’t right a week ago but we could find nothing wrong.. A scan showed nothing. He went down very quickly.

He was a gorgeous dog.. Heart of gold and handsome.. he is buried on our lawn watching over us now and in peace. He will leave a huge hole in our hearts.. I will share some photos over the years. he was so photogenic.. I literally have thousands of him

Fly like the wind  my Riley dog. I will always remember your smile.. It is so weird not to see that this morning

Maddie RIP 5 Oct 2018

Four months short of her 16th birthday. Maddie my Foxy Lady, my buddy, my friend. I am going to miss you so much you sweet little dog.  15 1/2 years this little girl has been part of our life. How lucky have we been and how sad are we now.. People so often say to me when they take their pups how sad it must be.. Man I dare not tell them that 15 years down the track they will find out what sad is..

Maddie arrived into our care at 8weeks of age. We had not long got Brucie so the two had a very close bond. In the ‘line up’ you would always see Maddie tucked in behind Bruce. In later years out walking we would sometime loose sight of Maddie, to discover her tucked in right behind our heels. A very loyal dog.

We took them both to puppy school, Greg took Bruce and I had Maddie. Well Maddie and I failed big time. She was the only pup in the class that could be off the lead because she would not leave my side.  We failed the ‘stay’ in the imaginary road play they did. Maddie was meant to stay at the curb side while I crossed the road.. She came with me every time!!! I was told that Maddie would get run over. .I told them shes smart, she knows if I’m crossing then its safe for her to!!!.. I got growled at… Well somehow Maddie survived well past any road rage danger so … I think Maddie was pretty wise.. More so than them!!

She was a very gentle dog.. All the other dogs over the years all seem to love her.. They would all go to her give her kisses.. even  till her last morning when the poor old thing just wanted to sleep Georgie would come running down the stairs and go straight to her and wake her up. She was gentle with children.. of all varieties.

Her one big phobia was she wouldn’t go up our stairs. As a small pup we had just 2 stairs and it took us forever to entice her up them. When we moved into our house she never came up to our bedroom. She would attack Tyler as she went up the stairs and we were sure it was just a jealousy thing.. She must have had some weird ideas in her head.  Sometimes these border collies do have some crazy little ways..

I can still hear her excitement at walk time.. Every time she would get so excited and yip.. there was no sneaking out with her without all the others knowing that was for sure.

She was the most fabulous mother. Probably one of my best. She produced many beautiful babies and cared for them so well.

Maddie has been  a very happy and healthy dog all through her years. We have not had her to the vet at all apart from her vaccinations and spaying.

Her last year she slowed down and in fact  we thought the winter may be too hard on her but in fact she perked up. But the last week she has found it harder and harder to get up. She started to get a really old person wobble and was finding it more difficult each day to get up. Last night she didn’t ask to come inside. She told me with those big brown eyes she was tired and had had enough. I half expected to find her asleep this morning when I got up but she was in the same spot looking at me sadly.  Maddie is in a happy place now. She is buried  beside her buddy Brucie who died 2 years ago almost to the day.

She had a very happy life, she will be missed hugely but I feel lucky  to have had the pleasure of her company for all these years.

BRUCIE RIP 8 October 2016

I guess I knew it was coming but it doesn’t make it any easier. On Fridays walk my old Bruce Goose struggled, I cut the walk short.. and that night he wouldn’t eat his tea. You hope they will pass peacefully in their sleep but sadly having had 5 old dogs now I know this doesn’t happen. Saturday morning Bruce was miserable and we had no choice but to make him comfortable.. xx

so.. where do I start. My old Bruce goose.. about to turn 14yrs next month.  What a fantastic dog.He was always happy and such a player. In his young days  it was a competition between him and Tyler as to who would get to the stick and bring it back first..  being the gentleman he was he would let Tyler but I would make them take turns.. Bruce would play for hours.   he was mad ..

He loved the water and would leap at heights off the bank into our creek..  anything to get somewhere fast & first.. At 7 mnths he broke his toe doing jumping into the creek so for a while we had to  have controlled walks to let it repair.. man he hated that.. it was like torture for him being on the lead and not running. It was the only accident we had with him although he still was crazy..

Brucie loved children and any young animals. He had this huge protecting need in him.. He would always stay by the kids and not let them out of his sight.. All the baby animal (particularly puppies) Brucie would just sit & keep an eye on them,, A few times he went a tad over the top with his protecting of pups and not let the mothers in the whelping box.. He lost those battles!!

He would always greet visitors with great gusto & head off to find something for them to play with.. well for them to throw for him.. it didn’t matter how big or small it was, Brucie would always bring something.                                                                                                       One of his other huge passions was the hose.. As he got older that never stopped he just got cleverer & instead of going for the water part he’d go for the hose itself.. He nearly got my hand a few times. Bruce had to be there to help fill any water bowl and the garden.. well you couldn’t even begin to try if he was around. Actually even mowing the lawns was a challenge with Bruce.. the odd pulling at the wheels away or else he would just run around and around me.

We use to love his smile.. he had this serious look when he was concentrating and his lips would sort of turn up… it was so funny.. it what a real “what you talking about Willis’ look

Bruce had a love hate relationship with Hoons. He would always be right behind him when out playing.. he would never get in his way. It was strange as Hoons seemed to totally ignore him.. unless they were inside and then Hoons would get grumpy at poor old Bruce.

I will have to say Brucie has had a fantastic life.. I still remember the day we picked the wee man up and bought him home.. he was so good. He was never a problem our Brucie.. he wasn’t so keen on my up close cuddles to his face but he would always happily plonk himself on you.

We will miss the old boy so much.It has been quite emotional going back our 14 years of photos..He has been such a huge happy part of our world.

He now lies in a spot that if he was alive he would be watching down our valley. He will always be in our hearts although right now it feels very broken.. Love you so much Brucie xxx


THE HOONS RIP 24Nov 2015

Two weeks ago I would not have believed I would be writing this. This morning at 10am we lost our dearly beloved Hoons (Jasper). I feel almost at a complete loss to even know where to start.

15 years ago today I would have been sitting with his mother Jessie and her week old pups so that she would stay and feed them. I was their ‘other’ mother from the day they were born. I have an album of photos taken each week as Jasper and Tyler were growing up in Invercargill.

We named this little man Jasper but it didn’t take long for his personality to come through and he got called the Hoons and he  has been  my Hooney man ever since. He didn’t get called Jasper very often although he did know  both his names!!

Hoons was one in a million. Personality plus.. He was always happy.. he would have a smile on his face & life was good. He was our clown and would always make us smile with his antics. No matter how naughty he was he would make you smile and you just couldn’t get angry with him. I remember the day we left Invers to move North.. Sambo,  Jessie, Tyler & Hoons -3months old (we had lost our dear old cat by then) but we also bought up with us  tweetie the canary & our long lasting goldfish.                                                                                                                                                                       So there we were.. busy packing the house & emptying the fridge etc,, Hoons decides to break in & eat a jar of relish.. first night away he has the runs… GREAT. staying with friends so I am up every hour with him..  Next day we get to Queenstown and stay with Gregs sister… what does Hoons find.. a plum tree.. same result!!!! Then to make things worse.. the dogs had been sleeping in their conservatory next to our room and  found a loose thread in the carpet in the MIDDLE of the room … well.. a good meter round  bear patch of carpet I found the next morning!! try explaining that!! remembering at this stage Hoons is only 3 months old.. just mischief with a capital M.

We arrived in the Bay and lived in Papamoa for 6 months while we got ourselves sorted. Hoons there developed the love of kids on bikes. He  would run the fence line every time wheels went past. One time in his excitement he landed  over the fence beside a little boy on a skateboard. I don’t know who got more of a fright.. Hoons looked back as if to say.. how the hell did I get here …OHOH..that was just so typical of him.

We  started to hear these thumps on the side of the house.. Tweetie’s mirror was flashing its reflections.. guess who started chasing them.. that is when the shadow chasing started!! Any night we had visitors over Hoons would be outside chasing our reflections and taking great hunks of grass out!! We decided to move the goldfish into our business premise one day but by the time we got there.. Hoons had  managed to get them all on the back seat.. very pleased with himself.. we had moved them from Auckland originally!!!

The dogs had come from the open empty beaches of Invercargill where they could just run freely and to arrive at Papamoa they knew nothing different, Tyler & Hoons would take off down the beach after gulls & waves & disappear into the distance.  I would hold my breathe they would come back.

My sisters place in Ohope  had always been one of our favourite destinations with Sambo back in the days of  Auckland & 2 dogs..  So one time we visited them with  the  extra 2 pups. Hoons went missing..  they lived on the harbour & no fences.. stressful ? .. ahh yep.. a tad.. we  had everyone out calling for him. Couldn’t believe he could get lost so had the panic someone had taken him.. 2 hours later & absolutely distraught I just happened to look up into the neighbours house.. they were out..  In the corner bedroom.. on the bed.. looking out the window…  guess who!! grrr… he had gone up through their gge in the cat door & of course everything else was locked!! “Here I am Mum”

I took  Tyler & Hoons to a ‘dog show’  with some friends. It was for newcomers and it was the first time I have ever been to one. Hoons was was SO excited and we had literally rocked up off the beach. Some people were blow waving their dogs.. Hoons & I went  round the ring  but he was way too excited to do that casually…. The judge made us go & sit in the corner..  well that happened to have more people & dogs  so that didn’t calm him down… She then told me “That dog will  break your heart if you don’t control him” I never went back to another…

We moved out here to Katikati  after that and Hoons has lived what you could only describe as  probably the best life ever for a dog.. he was never sent to kennels.. he sleeps by our side.. he has never worn a collar even.  He has loved the animals we have had here. He would never hurt them but just watch.   Tyler and Hoons  had a very deep bond and were so close. They would play for hours running the hills chasing swallows and  because of their bond I still endorse litter mates to families. It was only  in the last year of Tylers life they didnt get on..that I found sad.

Hoons  would take food from my mouth and always be so gentle. It stopped when the competition got too great and he bit my lip one time.

He loved going in the car and would always go with Greg on his trips to Auckland and he made very close bonds with Neo and  family.  That became his other home..                       Hoons was a great singer and would have  Greg in hysterics as he imitated the sirens when they went past..

As a young pup if anything startled him he would come and sit on my feet. Super cute and even as an old dog he would do that. ‘Mum will protect me’.  He didn’t have many fears..sadly for me!!

He loved the girls and was a big romantic.  I could never pick when the girls would have their pups if Hoons had mated them as he would be happy to mate them the entire time they were in season.. Any visiting ladies he would happily oblige there & then & off they would go.. he certainly didn’t muck around. Although Hoons has been retired for some 5 years now he has left a huge legacy of children and I know some have the same happy  hilarious characteristics.

He is a dog you would always be proud to own, one that  is a  great soul mate, to make the bad times seem fun. In his later years he got grumpy. Its a grumpy I am going to so miss. It wasn’t so many weeks ago that Hoons was still at the front of our walks. It is almost as if he kept the pace. Often I would never see him till the end but he would go racing past me in earlier days so he must have doing circles. We had this quiet understanding to meet back at the top of the hill before we went back home.

Last Tuesday  he turned 15 years old..  he just wasnt himself and the next day I took him to the vet … hoping maybe man flu or tooth ache.  But his sense of balance wasn’t right, I knew it wasn’t right.. I went to take a photo of him on his birthday but I didnt. I didn’t want to remember him looking so sad.. 5 years ago my mother had  a stroke and is confined to a wheel chair. When I  visit her now I see sad vague eyes & nobody home. That is what Hoons looked like. He  struggled to get get up or sit down & all in a week. He was getting old and slowing but he was still leading our walks 2 weeks ago. This has come as quite a shock. so fast… He could not have asked for a happier life.

The sadness is overwhelming  and the reality of him not being here hasn’t even started to sink in. The lady that told me he would break my  heart was right.. but it took 15 years.

He has joined  the plot with his mother Jessie, sister Tyler & niece Moet around our tree on the front lawn. Hoons will always be in our hearts.  A very special dog.. xx I share some photos over the years..



Tuesday the 10th March. Tyler RIP

The grief is huge and although I knew this was coming it makes it no easier. Deep breath and here goes.. poor keyboards will get a tad damp writing this..

I wonder.. why do I do this.. what is it that pulls your heart strings so hard.

This is why..

It is 2am on the 17th November 2000- Invercargill. My princess is born.

Jessie Bear was 5 years old & the last thing she wanted was to see the arrival of 7 squirming puppies. Jessie having slept on my bed all her life suddenly was nowhere to be found & her babies would be crying. I became the fulltime nanny for those pups & every feed it was Jessie and me. I guess that’s why they were so special. By eight weeks and a bunch of crazy wee pups I realised I had to toughen up & find homes as I couldn’t keep all 7. Tyler and the Hoons were the chosen two but they were many tears over the others leaving!!It is 2am on the 17th November 2000- Invercargill. My princess is born.

I had no digital camera back then but I had a film done every week  of Tyler & Hoons litter. I would get them back & think Oh.. better take some more as they are REALLY cute this week!! I put an album together which I still enjoy looking through.

Tyler was beautiful. As a small pup she had the longest eyelashes & it made your heart melt. She had a huge confidence & an air of grace about her even as a tiny tot.

She would always steal girlie things..

As young pups we would take them out to the beautiful open beaches at Oreti & they would run wild with Jessie & Sambo. March 2001 we moved up North and lived at Papamoa Beach. My two then fluffy bears would continue to run the beach as if it was unoccupied & their own. Many a time they would disappear into the far distance chasing seagulls & I would just have to hold my breathe till they returned. I knew they always would but there was always that thought that someone might ‘steal’ them!!

Then we moved here too Katikati and Tyler spent her days chasing swallows up & down the hills. Our creek was home to water rats and she became hunter supreme.

Her other passion became hedgehogs.. No idea what she sensed in them or how she found them.. but miles off course I would hear Tyler do her “Ive found one” bark & she would have the tribe there with her.. The only times I could never get them to come back. Often in places she knew I couldn’t get to so I would have to wait till the excitement was over & they came back to me.. ggrr. Tyler would eventually arrive covered in blood..

Our land had nothing on it when we arrived and as we fenced for stock & built, Tyler learnt to jump.

Her only fear was thunder & guns. If a gun went off there would no chance even a walk would entice  her out the door.

When Sambo died Tyler took over as the dogs leader. She was amazing. Never snarly or aggressive but if she thought one of the dogs got out of line she would stand over them & growl. I wish I knew what she said as it always worked.

Tyler was a great Mum. But her births were the furthest from any text book story you could have. We could go for hours between pups. Tyler was never stressed. She would have a snooze, have something to eat & then pop another one out. If anything happened of excitement outside she’d have a look.. Looking back she was a nightmare in that respect. It is heartening to know we have many of her progeny out there.

Visitors were always greeted with huge excitement. Everyone was the same & treated like long lost buddies.  She was known for her licking.. which wasn’t always received with the same enthusiasm it was given!!

She wasn’t a clingy dog but she would look at you with her big brown sorrowful eyes. When Jessie died in 2009 Tyler took over her spot next to me on the bed.

Tyler was always great with kids and has been dressed up &  made to play games…

She has had a wonderful life. One of my very good friends once said to me they would like to come back as one of my dogs and I guess that sort of sums up my dogs lives. They are my family. Tyler has produced some wonderful pups & it has been nice this week to welcome into the world some of her great grand children. Tui often reminds me of Tyler.. the way she looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes..


Tylers leader hood was challenged a year ago  by the younger members of our pack. I suspected that maybe something wasn’t going so well with her although a check up showed she was strong I knew something was up. Over the last year she was our ‘special needs dog’. She choose not to come on our walks and that was pretty sad. After all the years of her wonderful relationship with her brother that also came to blows. In the end we were getting up 3 times a night with her & her breathing started to weaken. She was determined to climb the stairs every night in order to sleep next me and there was always that worry she would fall.

Her lymph glands were swollen & we suspect a secondary cancer.

She died with her dignity in place and broke my heart.

She is buried on our lawn next to her Mum Jessie, sleeping on one of my duvets like she has done for the last 6 years. She is at peace. She will never be forgotten.

She will always be my princess I feel privileged to have had her company for her entire life from the minute she was born till…Tyler has given me many years of happiness. I will miss her dearly.

I have spent the last few days looking back over photos of her & Id like to share some  of those.

(20 years I have had a dog sleep beside me now. Greg wonders who will be the next and hopes it will stick to my side of the bed!! Tyler was starting to take over!)


Jessie Please click on Jessie to see her tribute

A Tribute to Sambo: 20 May 1994 – 15 March 2005

My first dog. A loyal friend to the end. Sambo is one in a million & I couldn’t have asked for a neater dog.

The day he took hold of my leather jacket in the pet shop & said I wasn’t to leave without him was one of the best days of my life.

He has given us much pleasure & many happy memories I would like to share.

Sambo’s first lessons were to give me a kiss, give me a cuddle & give me 5. Every morning as a pup he would leap on my bed for a morning cuddle & he has continued to do so all his life. Even this week he was first up & plonked on top of me.

From starting out as an only child he excepted Jessie into his life at 1 & has been so accepting of all the changes that he has encountered , a variety of animals, pesky puppies & the moves we have had. As long as he is with us Sam is happy.

He had never been around children & has been wonderful with Gregs two granddaughters. They always say “Give me five Sambo” & he will.. along with a kiss they generally didn’t ask for!!

We went camping with him up the Coromandel when he was 9mths old. He spent hours running up & down the beach chasing the waves & the next day he wouldn’t walk. He had worn the soles of his feet raw. We had to carry him out to go to the toilet. A real boy!!

When we lived in Kingsland Auckland Sambo helped Greg chase a burglar one night. He just seemed to know this guy was not doing right & he bit at his heels all the way down the street. For a long time “Where’s the burglar” would always get a pretty hot reaction from Sam. He chased 2 kids trying to break into our garage in Invercargill too.

We would spend many holidays at my sisters in Ohope & Sam would run up & down the hills being the king pin & keeping any seagulls at bay. He would have Jessie & his girlfriend Doris & any of the other local dogs follow him. He loved it there & we would often send him on holiday there whilst Jessie was on heat. Sambo loved the Bossies & Doris & it was his 2nd home. For him the word ‘Bossies’ & ‘Doris’ was just as exciting as ‘walk’.

When we moved to Invercargill he just loved the big open Oreti beach & we would have many happy walks there. He was 6 when Jessie had her pups & the family increased & after that Sambo took on a more serious role in life & was more sensible. He left the gallooting to the younger Tyler & Jasper. He was the leader of the pack. The last year has been hard as he & Jasper have not seen eye to eye & looking back it may have been because Jasper sensed Sambo being unwell & wanted to challenge him. Sambo never stood down & we would never let him. He will remain King Farouk for all time.

He makes out he is such a tough character & yet many a guest here has had the big smooch land on top of them for a cuddle. He has had a very happy life. He has been loved to death & been such a big part of our life..We often find him with our sheets or a blanket in his mouth & like a cat kneeding. He used to hate us catching him doing that as it really showed his soft side!!

On discovering lumps on his throat we took him to the vet & they told us on the spot he had a lymph cancer in an advanced stage & 2mths to live. He seemed so healthy & happy it came as a huge blow. The last few weeks he has been spoilt rotten.. well more so than normal. I have enjoyed my walks with him as he has slowed & I actually have a dog beside me instead of some flash running past. On Saturday on our walk he stopped & rested & for me that was a sad moment. I rested with him & cuddled him till he found he could get up again.

We made it home but for me I could see I was losing my beloved Sambo. The next day I found huge lumps around his groin & his appetite started to fail. On Monday when he didn’t want to come for a walk with me I knew he was a sad puppy.

We are lucky we don’t have to let our animals suffer & the saddest time came when we had to make that decision. We did it for Sambo. He went to sleep with his head on my knee in his favourite spot.

Sambo will be in our hearts forever. He has touched the hearts of many of our friends & family. Greg & I will miss him dreadfully as will the other dogs.. He has been that really special dog & a tribute to his breed.

Rest in peace Sambo. We will always remember & love you forever….

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