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 Please read the information (bottom of this page) before you contact me
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Next matings due August 2022

If you are interested in a pup please email with  a detailed story of yourself.   or phone   021 712 762  

Some of my emails I have replied to are going into your spam boxes.
Many peoples lives will be changed because of the virus and until you are certain of your future I do not want to put any puppy into home environments that are likely to be stressed financially or emotionally.
People need to be realistic. Border collie pups and dogs  need time and energy every day every year!!.. Not just during a time when we are forced to stay home!!!


Dogs are for life not for a period of time when you are stuck at home!!!!!

PLEASE Read before deciding on if a Border Collie is right for you.
 There are  important things to consider before you get a border collie puppy, rather than perhaps any other breed.
First, (and perhaps most importantly), they are very bright and  sensitive to human reactions- especially voice levels of calm vs agitated, kindness vs anger,  stress  they will always  pick up on. If  you have ANY ‘family issues’ a border collie will not help-  the exact opposite will occur- any stress inside the family will be picked up by the pup/dog and leave it in a world of uncertainty about what behaviour is appropriate. They love being part of the whole family so a broken unit means a border collie ‘will’ take sides.
 It is important my pups are homed well. Here they are bought up in a farm like situation and are introduced to many people animals and noises in their first 8 weeks.
I welcome new owners to visit as often as they can. After 8wks it is then up to their new families to introduce them into the world. If you work full time then DON’T get a border collie. These guys take and need lots of time in the first year in particular.    They will require time & energy put into them for the relationship to work. They really can not be left at home all day on their own. If they are, they can become naughty. It is not their fault – they need stimulation and company & get bored if they don’t receive that. They do need off the lead exercise. A run at the end of the day is not enough for the bright active Border.
You have to be a confident and active person to own a Border Collie. I am happy to talk and discuss with you if a Border collie is the right choice for your lifestyle. I do need your honest input for me to help and I will give you my honest opinion. They are not the match for everyone..
If you are after a calm relaxed dog DO Not look at getting a Border Collie. Most of my Guys are more laid back than the working lines but they are still border collies at heart..
My dogs have had DNA profile tests done in Australia for a healthy  genetic breeding practice.
Pups will all be clear of CEA, CL,TNS & many more  through parents (or grandparents) & will have had their health check first vaccination at 7wks old & get micro chipped. 
All pups come with an endorsement (NOT to be bred from) unless discussed. 
I Love hearing through  messenger and if you open an Instagram ( mine is- tylerwild_bordercollies ) for your pup I will definitely follow you but please let me know!! If you own a digital camera & enjoy using it, that is a thumbs up from me!! Just don’t forget to send the results to me!! No excuses with mobile phones today to keep me updated!!  please email with  a detailed story of yourself.

or phone   021 712 762  


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