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Kennel Name : Pretty Flamingo of Tylerwild 03600-2017  born 2/04/2017    CL, CEA & TNS Clear  ( Lilac Tri colour)

Georgie is daughter of Sue & Chico. There arent too many lilac tris around so when people ask what they will look like when they grow up I really needed an example here.. (well thats my excuse!!)

Georgie is an absolute wee honey.. She has the gentle nature of her Mum and Dad and  loves her cuddles.. she gets on with all the dogs and in particular loves people.. She has won the heart of many already. By the end of most days she is exhausted and very happy to chill out just keeping near us.  Sue is her Mum but Tui her Grand mum and Shiraz had pups at a similar time so they all keep an eye out for her and she thinks she has 3 dog Mums!! Now me of course!!!!! And Chico is a very hands on dad too!!!

On our walks she is an independent wee thing and from a very early age would run off exploring. We had her sister Paddi to stay when they were 3mnths old which was  so much fun for us and the young pups. They rekindled their bond.. hmm maybe a small amount of jealousy when it came to the morning cuddles. Georgie also enjoyed recently another sister Gypsy  here for a visit.

She does have a cardboard fetish.. If she has the chance she will sneak into our box of paper & cardboard & then continue to tear any cardboard to pieces.. Apart from the mess I guess it could be a lot worse!!!We look forward to watching her grow into a young adult. Here are a few pics of her over the last 6mnths.




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