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A very wet muddy winter

August 20, 2016

This has been the worst winter I can remember. We seem to have rain rain & more rain. The mud around here has driven us mad. It is so nice to now be seeing the sunshine. Lets hope it lasts.. It has been hard for to get out with my camera so I look forward to more sun so I can again..

I have had a few computer issues over the last month.. now back on track with a newbie.. still learning the ropes!! So my final pics of Molly & Tuis pups are a little late..

I have a very handsome young man with us called Luke. He is quite  like Chico in nature & a real honey. He is 6 months & looking for his forever home. See my Re-homes page for  his pictures. He is super friendly and will enjoy the company of another dog as well as people!! Update-Luke has found a home..


Tuis and Mollys pups are now sell settled in their new homes & growing fast.. here are the last pics as they left..


Two wee cuties

July 6, 2016

I have two gorgeous wee pups looking for forever homes now. They love  to play yet they are laid back for border collies and most importantly… love their cuddles… Their parents are Molly and Bill and they are now 8wks old and ready to go..   A chocolate boy and black girl.. Photos of the other siblings are coming..

Update- Both have found homes- thank you.

A busy year

May 29, 2016

Well nearly half way through 2016 already.. how did that happen.. Where did it go!

We have had our hands full with puppies all the way through. Right now we have Tuis  8 gorgeous wee guys who are 5wks old today & also Mollys  10 who are 3 wks old so busy busy. I have some still available & their pics are on my puppy page.. No more pups till the end of the year after this so I am really enjoying spending as much time as I can with theses guys.. I wish they wouldn’t grow so fast..

Each time I go to do an update it takes me ages to sort through the hundreds of photos I have taken to pick  some out. By the time I have done that & got ready I have taken more pics & decide the  pups are now looking cuter & start again.. Pups just grow too fast & every week they just get more beautiful.

We had   great fun with Frankie and Shirazs litters and once again I met and got to know some wonderful families. It is good for the pups to meet so many new people (and they do) and socialize with children and all my pups get that from a  very early start..  With some of the families who are close I get to see them every week and then once puppy leaves that all goes which is sad!! I do so enjoy getting the photos and updates from you all. I now have too many pups out there to keep asking.. so I appreciate the updates when they come..

During the time we had Frankies pups we found the pups to be going through a lot of water. Every time we went to see them their bowls would be empty.. we found the culprit.. little Bonnie. I have included  quite a few pics but they were just so cute I had to share them all. I believe her passion for water is still strong…

Here are a few pics  of Frankie and Shiraz pups leaving & their time here before they left. Shiraz had a very little pup called Rosa and I am delighted to say she is very  happy and doing well in the loving care of Roberta.. thank you Roberta.. it is lovely getting your updates.

Comings and Goings

February 22, 2016

It has been an extremely busy week. Frankies litter arriving on the 13th and Chloes leaving this w/e past and Shirazs arriving on the 20th . I am trying to get through my email enquiries… but if you dont hear from me soon please get back  in touch.

We have had a wonderful time with Chloe and Chicos 10 pups. Never such a huge colour range- red, black, chocolate, blue,  lilac  and tris. The tri  markings coming out later as the pups got older.So it has been a busy week saying good bye to these guys.  Some have flown  to  different parts to of the country and others picked up. It  has been really nice getting to know so many of the new owners who have for regular visits.. Chico continued to be a wonderful dad..

It was also nice to see Nicola with her Flynn. Flynn is Sues brother and come from Tui. We introduced Flynn to the pups and his young name sake Flynn!! hmm not so keen on the pesky pups but stayed for a quick photo!!

Then last Saturday on the 13th Frankie produced her beautiful litter. Another big litter of 9 pups. 5 boys, 4 girls. She like her sister Chloe is being a great mum..

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And this Saturday 20th  Shiraz had her pups. It was an all nighter and a long labour for Shiraz so it was nice for me to have Karen assist as  the midwife and keep us company. Karen has an older Tylerwild pup Winston and always visits the babies and wanted to experience their arrivals into the world.. Sadly we lost 2 pups but have 7 wee beauties.

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Sultry Summer

February 7, 2016

Well I will have say this has been an unusual summer. Like the tropics .. very hot humid & wet..

Firstly a very Happy Birthday to my Foxy Lady. Maddie is 13 yrs today. She will dine on Highland steak & K9 Natural tripe tonight..  She will be in heaven.. She is still as excited heading out on walks  today as she was as a puppy. We love our beautiful girl to bits..

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Frankie and Shiraz are now looking uncomfortable and we are really looking forward to the arrival of their pups  in the next 2 weeks. This is Frankies first litter and  we wonder how many pups she will have. Chloe surprised us with 10 .. and Frankie is looking pretty big.. watch this space!!

My poor wee pups at the 4-5wk stage found the humidity really unpleasant… it was when mothers milk was gold & yet on a hot day a glass of hot milk would be furthermost from all of our minds so the wee fellows would drink & then cry..  Poor  little things. They most certainly have overcome that now..

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Chloe has been a fantastic mother.  We had a house people of staying in the first 2 weeks so things were a bit unsettled for a first time mum .. However she has showed off her babies to all our visitors with so much pride.. she is super cute. All the pups have great homes to go to and we have enjoyed getting to know many of the new families already. Of course there is no show without Dad Chico either.. never one to turn down a cuddle.. and he is so lovely with the pups..

Here are just a few of the pics Id like to share..    A big Thank you to Grace who  lives in Dunedin and has been up here in Tauranga working, for making the effort to come & visit her little girl Nevina most weeks. Its nice for me to know  Nevina is going to a lovely Mum so far away..

It was lovely to meet Jan and Dick who traveled from Wellington to meet  a young re home pup we had here called Joss.  Thanks so much  for taking good care of her.. we enjoyed some fine wine that evening to celebrate too.. thank you Dick!! Also young Bear is now living with our Auckland family.. looks like he has made himself at home.

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Happy New year 2016

January 3, 2016

2015 ended on a happy note with Chloe delivering 10 beautiful pups on the Sunday after Xmas. She hadn’t looked that big  so 10 pups were quite a surprise. We had a house full of people staying  so we had to take the whelping box upstairs to our bedroom to give Chloe some quiet time. Once the first pup had arrived & she settled down she was quite happy for the family to come & watch the other pups arrive. She did really well & had all the pups easily. A lovely range of colours and she is settling down and being a great mum. We now have a house full of teenagers staying so Chloe has had eyes on her and her babies continually..  I am trying to get through my email enquiries now  but please contact me if you are  after a pup.

Chloe and babes

Chloe and babes


It was lovely to meet Brie who is  Lanis sister when Sharon and Mark came to collect Piper.

We had Skye and Bing for longer which was nice. Bing would often get in our fish pond so we were very surprised to find a frog in there one day!!

The Hoons RIP age 15yrs

November 24, 2015

Two weeks ago I would not have believed I would be writing this. This morning at 10am we lost our dearly beloved Hoons (Jasper). I feel almost at a complete loss to even know where to start.

15 years ago today I would have been sitting with his mother Jessie and her week old pups so that she would stay and feed them. I was their ‘other’ mother from the day they were born. I have an album of photos taken each week as Jasper and Tyler were growing up in Invercargill.

We named this little man Jasper but it didn’t take long for his personality to come through and he got called the Hoons and he  has been  my Hooney man ever since. He didn’t get called Jasper very often although he did know  both his names!!

Hoons was one in a million. Personality plus.. He was always happy.. he would have a smile on his face & life was good. He was our clown and would always make us smile with his antics. No matter how naughty he was he would make you smile and you just couldn’t get angry with him. I remember the day we left Invers to move North.. Sambo,  Jessie, Tyler & Hoons -3months old (we had lost our dear old cat by then) but we also bought up with us  tweetie the canary & our long lasting goldfish.                                                                                                                                                                       So there we were.. busy packing the house & emptying the fridge etc,, Hoons decides to break in & eat a jar of relish.. first night away he has the runs… GREAT. staying with friends so I am up every hour with him..  Next day we get to Queenstown and stay with Gregs sister… what does Hoons find.. a plum tree.. same result!!!! Then to make things worse.. the dogs had been sleeping in their conservatory next to our room and  found a loose thread in the carpet in the MIDDLE of the room … well.. a good meter round  bear patch of carpet I found the next morning!! try explaining that!! remembering at this stage Hoons is only 3 months old.. just mischief with a capital M.

We arrived in the Bay and lived in Papamoa for 6 months while we got ourselves sorted. Hoons there developed the love of kids on bikes. He  would run the fence line every time wheels went past. One time in his excitement he landed  over the fence beside a little boy on a skateboard. I don’t know who got more of a fright.. Hoons looked back as if to say.. how the hell did I get here …OHOH..that was just so typical of him.

We  started to hear these thumps on the side of the house.. Tweetie’s mirror was flashing its reflections.. guess who started chasing them.. that is when the shadow chasing started!! Any night we had visitors over Hoons would be outside chasing our reflections and taking great hunks of grass out!! We decided to move the goldfish into our business premise one day but by the time we got there.. Hoons had  managed to get them all on the back seat.. very pleased with himself.. we had moved them from Auckland originally!!!

The dogs had come from the open empty beaches of Invercargill where they could just run freely and to arrive at Papamoa they knew nothing different, Tyler & Hoons would take off down the beach after gulls & waves & disappear into the distance.  I would hold my breathe they would come back.

My sisters place in Ohope  had always been one of our favourite destinations with Sambo back in the days of  Auckland & 2 dogs..  So one time we visited them with  the  extra 2 pups. Hoons went missing..  they lived on the harbour & no fences.. stressful ? .. ahh yep.. a tad.. we  had everyone out calling for him. Couldn’t believe he could get lost so had the panic someone had taken him.. 2 hours later & absolutely distraught I just happened to look up into the neighbours house.. they were out..  In the corner bedroom.. on the bed.. looking out the window…  guess who!! grrr… he had gone up through their gge in the cat door & of course everything else was locked!! “Here I am Mum”

I took  Tyler & Hoons to a ‘dog show’  with some friends. It was for newcomers and it was the first time I have ever been to one. Hoons was was SO excited and we had literally rocked up off the beach. Some people were blow waving their dogs.. Hoons & I went  round the ring  but he was way too excited to do that casually…. The judge made us go & sit in the corner..  well that happened to have more people & dogs  so that didn’t calm him down… She then told me “That dog will  break your heart if you don’t control him” I never went back to another…

We moved out here to Katikati  after that and Hoons has lived what you could only describe as  probably the best life ever for a dog.. he was never sent to kennels.. he sleeps by our side.. he has never worn a collar even.  He has loved the animals we have had here. He would never hurt them but just watch.   Tyler and Hoons  had a very deep bond and were so close. They would play for hours running the hills chasing swallows and  because of their bond I still endorse litter mates to families. It was only  in the last year of Tylers life they didnt get on..that I found sad.

Hoons  would take food from my mouth and always be so gentle. It stopped when the competition got too great and he bit my lip one time.

He loved going in the car and would always go with Greg on his trips to Auckland and he made very close bonds with Neo and  family.  That became his other home..                       Hoons was a great singer and would have  Greg in hysterics as he imitated the sirens when they went past..

As a young pup if anything startled him he would come and sit on my feet. Super cute and even as an old dog he would do that. ‘Mum will protect me’.  He didn’t have many fears..sadly for me!!

He loved the girls and was a big romantic.  I could never pick when the girls would have their pups if Hoons had mated them as he would be happy to mate them the entire time they were in season.. Any visiting ladies he would happily oblige there & then & off they would go.. he certainly didn’t muck around. Although Hoons has been retired for some 5 years now he has left a huge legacy of children and I know some have the same happy  hilarious characteristics.

He is a dog you would always be proud to own, one that  is a  great soul mate, to make the bad times seem fun. In his later years he got grumpy. Its a grumpy I am going to so miss. It wasn’t so many weeks ago that Hoons was still at the front of our walks. It is almost as if he kept the pace. Often I would never see him till the end but he would go racing past me in earlier days so he must have doing circles. We had this quiet understanding to meet back at the top of the hill before we went back home.

Last Tuesday  he turned 15 years old..  he just wasnt himself and the next day I took him to the vet … hoping maybe man flu or tooth ache.  But his sense of balance wasn’t right, I knew it wasn’t right.. I went to take a photo of him on his birthday but I didnt. I didn’t want to remember him looking so sad.. 5 years ago my mother had  a stroke and is confined to a wheel chair. When I  visit her now I see sad vague eyes & nobody home. That is what Hoons looked like. He  struggled to get get up or sit down & all in a week. He was getting old and slowing but he was still leading our walks 2 weeks ago. This has come as quite a shock. so fast… He could not have asked for a happier life.

The sadness is overwhelming  and the reality of him not being here hasn’t even started to sink in. The lady that told me he would break my  heart was right.. but it took 15 years.

He has joined  the plot with his mother Jessie, sister Tyler & niece Moet around our tree on the front lawn. Hoons will always be in our hearts.  A very special dog.. xx I share some photos over the years..