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will it ever stop raining?

September 28, 2017

There certainly isn’t a water shortage here this winter!! We are well and truly OVER IT!!

However.. life goes on.. Currently I have some pups available from Molly & Chico.. 2 chocolate  boys ..  They have started on solid food now but not too impressed by this rain and getting wet tummies.. poor wee Guys.. They are 3 1/2 wks old now and will be ready for their new homes end of October.

Lanis pups are now 8 wks old.. Rocky and Moose have left the group now and the remainder are sadly leaving us this coming weekend… They have been an absolute delight to have.  We have met some lovely families and delighted to know the pups are going to be so well loved. We had quite a busy time with pups in April and the photo load got a bit overwhelming so I do apologize for not updating earlier. Unfortunately I also lost a few of the photo files over that period too..  so here are some of the latest pups from  Lani and Molly’s family.


Sue, Shiraz and Tui pups

May 4, 2017

Well it has been a pretty busy few weeks with my girls. First Sue had her  pups on April 2nd. -4 blue tris and 2 lilac tris, Then Shiraz on 7 April,- 3 reds and 6 blacks. And then Tui during cyclone cook on April 13th- 2 Black tris and 4 reds. (All pups have homes).  Chico is being his usual very caring dad of all 3 litters.. He likes to keep an eye on them all.. especially if I am there!!!!


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Tuis birth was I guess the most ‘challenging’ We  pretty well got hammered by  Cyclone Cook so it was touch & go if we would loose power or not. We had the fire roaring in case we did.. She had a very long labour and although the lights flickered  while the wind roared & the rain poured we only lost  power for  a short period.. ‘thank goodness’!!

Now it seems a distant memory.. Sues pups are now 4 weeks and think they are real dogs..  so cute..It doesn’t take them long to learn about life and want our company. We have been lucky to have so many visitors call on them.

It was lovely to catch up with Monty again. Monty is now four and from Shiraz and Riley and he is lucky enough to have a little sister coming to join his world.. although the look on his face shows he wasn’t too impressed with such a small sister!!

Tuis pups are still enjoying only mothers milk.. but  very soon they will also be starting solids.. It is amazing the difference in 2 weeks. I look forward to  getting some more active shots of Tuis and Shirazs litter..

I have taken a heap of pics so here are a few of little & big dogs over the last couple of weeks.. They are a bit muddled but I think easier to have a look than explain.. The photos tell all!!  Its  a very cute time and the pups will only get cuter..  So I shall add more  very soon!!

Countdown till pups arrive

March 23, 2017



We have been  having a pretty good summer really despite a lot of the country not.. We have had a few swims at the beach and sure.. a spell of rain but overall it has been good.Our creek did go into flood mode during the last bad downfall but it has cleaned it out so its now all good again. The dogs  love cooling down in it over summer and especially so the pregnant mums to be. My camera has had a bit of a break since the last lot of pups.. (which I will update-now sorry I had forgotten!!)

Sue is looking  pretty uncomfortable and is a bit more sleepy than normal. Shiraz  is well.. she is Shiraz and I am putting her on the lead to head out these days to slow her down and stop her jumping.  She seems to forget she has precious cargo on board when shes with the pack… Tui is a couple of weeks behind them  but is starting to show a wee bump.

It has been so nice being home and getting out and about with these Guys..You just cant but help love them. I do have a few pics to share.. just cant resist really!!

Our dear old Maddie celebrated her 14th birthday in Feb. She is still a very happy healthy dog and still gets so excited when its walk time.. She yips and bites at the ground in excitement. Her back legs aren’t as strong as they use to be now and occasionally she has a wee stumble in her excitement… she looks around  as if someone pushed her.. Its quite a hoot. It can be quite loud her yipping and Greg does complain it hurts his ears.. but as I tell him.. it will be a sad day when we don’t hear that yip..xx

So Lanis pups all left the nest and went  to their new homes. They were are lovely bunch of kids and Lani one of the best Mums we have. Lani certainly enjoyed the attention of all those who came to visit although  she was rather insistent they only play with her!!! Once again I met some lovely families and the pups are very lucky..

It was nice they  didn’t all leave at once as Lani was actually quite sad to see them go. And then to make matters worse she had to go in and have a lump removed from her neck not long after the last pup  left.. The vet was pretty sure it was a foreign body (probably a grass seed) but didn’t find it when he opened her up.. She had a drain for  a few days and (touch-wood)  so far it hasn’t flared up again.. She seems pretty happy now.

Summer of puppies

February 2, 2017

Well it has been a great start to 2017 with 2 bunches of beautiful pups from Frankie and Lani. I think we have had one of the busiest months on record for visitors!! Those meeting  parents to be, families visiting their pups and even more special for me is when past pups come back to visit me.. I so love seeing them and I’m pleased to say this summer I have had a few pop in.. yah..Thank you xx

I am so pleased I am home full time with these Guys now or life could have got seriously difficult. Once again I have met and got to know some fantastic families. I do encourage and appreciate the effort some people go to, to get to know their pup in the first 8 weeks I have  them. Their growth rate at this age is so great and even after all these years it still blows me away how fast they grow.  By the time the pups are 6wks they greet visitors with great gusto.. It always makes me laugh when people say the pup will pick you.. I tell them .. with my lot you may end up with a lot of pups!!!  (hmm maybe thats my problem!!)  Anyway..

As nature works in its own mysterious ways.. all my good plans have been altered for breeding with late heats and early heats.. 5 girls on heat in 2 weeks!!  ggrrr  but more about that after  Frankies pups pics.. my puppy page has the latest matings.

I have taken so many  hundreds of pics but I have tried to pick some of my favorites to share..  Phoebe is 4yrs old and wanted to read the pups a story so they would go to sleep.. that was super cute!!  Lanis pics will come next soon!!

Seasons Greetings

December 12, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and cherry festive season. Don’t forget to keep your friends out of hot cars.

It has taken me a while to wade through email requests for pups so if you haven’t heard from me and you are still wanting a pup please contact me. I do have some pups still available.

Another year nearly done and dusted. It has been a very wet one here so we are  enjoying the taste of summer we have had so far.  Thank you to those who once again regularly send me pictures and updates of their tylerwild pup. I do love getting them and hearing how everyone is doing. If you haven’t had a chance then I am sure over your Xmas break you can dust off the cobwebs on the camera and take time out to email me.  I am now officially a full time mum and grandmum!! so always around  or not far if you happen to be passing.

We have had a busy  couple of weeks here. First with Frankie and Chico producing 10 beautiful pups and then Lani 5 days later had her 8.  Bear is the father of Lani’s pups and he is son of Bill and Molly. Thank you Nicky for sharing him with us.

All pups are doing really well and they do grow so fast. It is amazing the difference in size in only 5 days. Frankies pups look like monsters when you compare the 2 litters. Both girls are being  great Mums and the pups are fat and content. They are such time wasters puppies… Already they are starting to look super cute.. I look forward to  taking over the feeding and then life starts to get real interesting with the pups.

Riley is 6 years old tomorrow. Not sure where those 6 years went.. but.. I will most certainly make sure he celebrates in the style he is accustomed to!!! Funny as he is the grandfather to both these 2 litters.

So best wishes to all for a very festive xmas & a happy new year- 2017.. Big hugs to all the tylerwild border collies out there..

Frankie & Chico have 10 puppies

November 26, 2016

The  first one popped out at 12.30 am on Friday morning 25Nov so it was an all nighter for all of us..

1 Red,  5 black,2 chocolate &  2 chocolate tri. Mother & pups & Grandma!! all tired but doing well.  We expect Lanis in 4 days so I shall be going through my emails after that. Here is a quick pre-view at a day old.

Brucie RIP 8 Oct 2016

October 9, 2016

I guess I knew it was coming but it doesn’t make it any easier. On Fridays walk my old Bruce Goose struggled, I cut the walk short.. and that night he wouldn’t eat his tea. You hope they will pass peacefully in their sleep but sadly having had 5 old dogs now I know this doesn’t happen. Saturday morning Bruce was miserable and we had no choice but to make him comfortable.. xx

so.. where do I start. My old Bruce goose.. about to turn 14yrs next month.  What a fantastic dog.He was always happy and such a player. In his young days  it was a competition between him and Tyler as to who would get to the stick and bring it back first..  being the gentleman he was he would let Tyler but I would make them take turns.. Bruce would play for hours.   he was mad ..

He loved the water and would leap at heights off the bank into our creek..  anything to get somewhere fast & first.. At 7 mnths he broke his toe doing jumping into the creek so for a while we had to  have controlled walks to let it repair.. man he hated that.. it was like torture for him being on the lead and not running. It was the only accident we had with him although he still was crazy..

Brucie loved children and any young animals. He had this huge protecting need in him.. He would always stay by the kids and not let them out of his sight.. All the baby animal (particularly puppies) Brucie would just sit & keep an eye on them,, A few times he went a tad over the top with his protecting of pups and not let the mothers in the whelping box.. He lost those battles!!


He would always greet visitors with great gusto & head off to find something for them to play with.. well for them to throw for him.. it didn’t matter how big or small it was, Brucie would always bring something.                                                                                                       One of his other huge passions was the hose.. As he got older that never stopped he just got cleverer & instead of going for the water part he’d go for the hose itself.. He nearly got my hand a few times. Bruce had to be there to help fill any water bowl and the garden.. well you couldn’t even begin to try if he was around. Actually even mowing the lawns was a challenge with Bruce.. the odd pulling at the wheels away or else he would just run around and around me.

We use to love his smile.. he had this serious look when he was concentrating and his lips would sort of turn up… it was so funny.. it what a real “what you talking about Willis’ look

Bruce had a love hate relationship with Hoons. He would always be right behind him when out playing.. he would never get in his way. It was strange as Hoons seemed to totally ignore him.. unless they were inside and then Hoons would get grumpy at poor old Bruce.

I will have to say Brucie has had a fantastic life.. I still remember the day we picked the wee man up and bought him home.. he was so good. He was never a problem our Brucie.. he wasn’t so keen on my up close cuddles to his face but he would always happily plonk himself on you.

We will miss the old boy so much.It has been quite emotional going back our 14 years of photos..He has been such a huge happy part of our world.

He now lies in a spot that if he was alive he would be watching down our valley. He will always be in our hearts although right now it feels very broken.. Love you so much Brucie xxx