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Maddie 7 Feb 2003-5 Oct 2018 RIP

October 5, 2018

Four months short of her 16th birthday. Maddie my Foxy Lady, my buddy, my friend. I am going to miss you so much you sweet little dog.  15 1/2 years this little girl has been part of our life. How lucky have we been and how sad are we now.. People so often say to me when they take their pups how sad it must be.. Man I dare not tell them that 15 years down the track they will find out what sad really is..

Maddie arrived into our care at 8weeks of age. We had not long got Brucie so the two had a very close bond. In the ‘line up’ you would always see Maddie tucked in behind Bruce. In later years out walking we would sometime loose sight of Maddie, to discover her tucked in right behind our heels. A very loyal dog.

We took them both to puppy school, Greg took Bruce and I had Maddie. Well Maddie and I failed big time. She was the only pup in the class that could be off the lead because she would not leave my side.  We failed the ‘stay’ in the imaginary road play they did. Maddie was meant to stay at the curb side while I crossed the road.. She came with me every time!!! I was told that Maddie would get run over. .I told them shes smart, she knows if I’m crossing then its safe for her to!!!.. I got growled at… Well somehow Maddie survived well past any road rage danger so … I think Maddie was pretty wise.. More so than them!!

She was a very gentle dog.. All the other dogs over the years all seem to love her.. They would all go to her give her kisses.. even  till her last morning when the poor old thing just wanted to sleep Georgie would come running down the stairs and go straight to her and wake her up. She was gentle with children.. of all varieties.

Her one big phobia was she wouldn’t go up our stairs. As a small pup we had just 2 stairs and it took us forever to entice her up them. When we moved into our house she never came up to our bedroom. She would attack Tyler as she went up the stairs and we were sure it was just a jealousy thing.. She must have had some weird ideas in her head.  Sometimes these border collies do have some crazy little ways..

I can still hear her excitement at walk time.. Every time she would get so excited and yip.. there was no sneaking out with her without all the others knowing that was for sure.

She was the most fabulous mother. Probably one of my best. She produced many beautiful babies and cared for them so well.

Maddie has been  a very happy and healthy dog all through her years. We have not had her to the vet at all apart from her vaccinations and spaying.

Her last year she slowed down and in fact  we thought the winter may be too hard on her but in fact she perked up. But the last week she has found it harder and harder to get up. She started to get a really old person wobble and was finding it more difficult each day to get up. Last night she didn’t ask to come inside. She told me with those big brown eyes she was tired and had had enough. I half expected to find her asleep this morning when I got up but she was in the same spot looking at me sadly.  Maddie is in a happy place now. She is buried  beside her buddy Brucie who died 2 years ago almost to the day.

She had a very happy life, she will be missed hugely but I feel lucky  to have had the pleasure of her company for all these years.

Bobbies Black girls

September 14, 2018

These  black and white girls will be ready for their forever homes after 28 September 2018 at 8wks of age. Very like their Mum Bobbie.. all have homes thanks.

Black and white mini Bobbies

August 30, 2018

Bobbie having babies has been one of those great thrills you get. This is her first litter(Riley is the dad) Born August 3rd  and could possibly be the only one she has. Bobbie was very reluctant to become a mum yet now she is I will have to say she is brilliant.. She is so calm and relaxed. It has been wonderful watching her blossom into motherhood..

I have black & white girls looking for their forever homes. They will be ready to go end of September.

Chloes pups leave the nest

August 9, 2018

I have had  a fabulous couple of months with a beautiful bunch of pups. They have been so much fun. Chloe and Chico  are both great parents and we have had some really fun times with the pups. Its been great having some of the owners call in and see their pups growing. I took thousands of photos which I sent off to all the new owners and have now spent a few hours trying to pick out my favorites..   I am updating this now before I start on my dear Bobbies beautiful brood. (see my puppy page) We feel super excited to have Bobbies babies as we honestly never thought she’d be a mum.. She is so far surpassing all our expectations .. but thats another story.. here I want to share Chloes beautiful bunch..

May 2018 already..

May 7, 2018

Hmm It has been a while so not sure where to start!! I have so many super cute photos to share from my last litters.

March was the worst in history here.. we had so many bad incidents with dogs and vet trips. It was awful and I will have to say I would not want it repeated. We had two good births with Sue and Hanna and then lots of problems with poor Tui.. I want to leave it all behind me now and share with you the good times we did have and some of the gorgeous pups we had. It has taken me ages to sort through some of my favorites!!!

Thank you to all who visited over this time either with their dog or visiting pups and in particular a big thanks to Karen who stayed a week and was a great help with feeding and walking all the tribe. She was  a great support.. We had a lot of fun trying to do photos shoots with pups I think if we had another week Karen would have had them trained and I would have some pretty cute shots around an old tractor tyre!!

It was also lovely to see Bella (Tui Chico kid) who came all the way from Dunedin to see us with Grant and Cath..

There has been an incident on TV news recently about the terrible conditions some dogs are kept in which was disgusting and heart breaking. I  encourage all my new puppy families  to visit us here and particularly before I have pups as so many of you do!!  My next litter will be in June with Chloe and Chico which is also coming around super fast.

Happy 15th Birthday Maddie

February 7, 2018

My bootiful gal!! 15 today..  Definitely slowing down but still loved to pieces. She has had a wonderful 15th birthday today and been as spoiled as she is every day!!!

Enjoying the summer

January 29, 2018


Having had a very wet winter we are really enjoying this beautiful weather.  My pregnant girls Sue, Hanna and Tui are finding this very hot but they are able to cool down in the creek which they enjoy. The double coat that a border collie has does help keep them cool. Our Guys do enjoy swimming.

We really enjoyed seeing Georgies 2 sisters Paddi and Gypsy. Georgie especially did and they all got on really well with lots of mouthing games. Very very cute kids..

So January is already coming to an end.We seem to be lucky and have also had some rain so everything is growing fast. I have had to mow the lawns twice a week which isnt ideal..It is a very hot job!! On the 5th of Jan my dear Charlie turned 12 years old. She is starting to show her age now and slowing down. I managed some cute pics of her on her birthday..

The last of Chloes pups left around Christmas. I went  to my nieces wedding in Martinborough on the 23rd Dec so was able to take Juno with me for Deborah.  And also a big thrill when Charlotte and Michael  managed to surprise their family when they arrived to collect Nala on the 28th. They have Jasper (who is from Molly and Bill) and live in Wellington but had been up north on holiday. All the family wanted was a puppy for Xmas and the look on their faces was priceless when they realised they actually got one. It was lovely to see Jasper too and his older friend Gus.  Billie and Blue  left and then Macy Gray was the last to leave.

Here a a few pics I took this week too. Sue is starting to look big now and is due in only 2 weeks time. Hanna is also starting to thicken out and we are very excited about her and Rileys first litter. Tui will be 3 wks behind ..