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Mishka’s Pups

March 16, 2022

A gorgeous bunch of pups from Mishka and Sergio. She is an awesome Mum and the pups are all very relaxed happy wee Guys. They are 6 weeks old now.

RIP Bill

January 31, 2022

The mighty Kauri has fallen. One of the most awesome dogs I have bred. Bill has sadly today gone to doggy heaven. Although Bill didn’t live here, him and Tony are like family to us and the news of Bills passing has shattered us all.

Tony we send lots of hugs and love your way as he was your best mate ever and we know how much you will miss him.

We were lucky enough to spend some time with him this month. And with his sister Trinity.

Bill has sired many pups and will be remembered by many people. Just a few pics to share of him by as he grew up. Bill we will always love

RIP My Charlie’s Angel

June 17, 2020


Charlie RIP 5 Jan 2006- 17 June 2020 

For those of you who have lost a furry friend you will know the pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I would like to share a few happy memories of my 14 1/2 years with my friend Charlie.

Charlie was getting old and really slow but she still had a happy spirit in her till the end. Only yesterday morning she happily greeted some visitors and enjoyed her pats. She even wanted to come on our walk in the afternoon. However dinner time came and she didn’t want to get off her bed. I put a blanket over her and gave her my usual kiss and cuddle before my bed and that is where I found Charlie this morning. She went very peacefully.  She is my first dog to have just not woken up and I feel very happy she didn’t suffer. Only a few days ago she snuck out under the gate and caught up with the gang for a walk the dear old girl. It was a slow trip home but she was so happy to be out.

Charlie always loved children from a small pup and would allow Maia and Cast to dress her up and play Drs and nurses and she was just amazingly patient.  Any children that came to see us she would follow around and make friends with. When Trinity came along she would hold Charlies tail. For years poor Charlie had very little hair on it!!

She was a great mum to five litters. But man did she put me through some stressful times when she’d go and hide in a burrow deep in a bank to have the babies. I had to pull her out from a tunnel as long as my body one time only half an hour before she had her babies..  I grabbed her front paws and Greg pulled my feet.. Adrenalin kick supreme!!

She loved her cuddles but she hated your face in hers although that never stopped me.

I have gone through some of my photos of our time together Id like to share.. I think they tell more of a story than my words can.  All day I have just expected her little head to pop up and say what are you doing mum? Trinity now takes place as our eldest here and its going to seem odd not to see both those old girls in their bed at the front door

Charlie ends an era here really as she was the last doggy connection to all my original border collies so I hope she catches up with all of them tonight in doggy heaven Sambo and Jessie, Tyler and Hoons, Maddie and Brucie. Charlie was always low in our pack pecking order but I know she had many fun times and I know  her old friends will look  forward and welcome her up in doggy heaven

Charlie you were my angel and I will miss that little face I fell in love with all those years ago. Rest in peace my friend. You will be very missed but never forgotten. xxx


tylerwild_bordercollies on instagram

March 23, 2020

My favourite media these days is instagram and now that so many of us are home I hope you will enjoy my updates. And please be sure to pm me through instagram  if you have a tylerwild pup so I can follow you. Right now it is a scary world out there and we here at Tylerwild are hunkering down. These dogs of mine just don’t get this ‘social distancing’ bit so we are sadly saying no to any visitors for the moment.

car trip

The happy part for all the pups out there with family that normally work away from home are the chances are you are now working from home.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Hanna’s pups and delighted with our wee Tokio who has stayed with us. Shes a real delight and made even more special after the very sad news of her dad passing away unexpectedly.. Ozzie was an awesome man and his passing has bought much sadness. He is also father to our Sue, Bobbie and now Tokio in our Tylerwild clan. We were very lucky to have spent some time with him recently when he came to stay and mated with Hanna. Thank you Anita.. RIP Ozzie



I will include a few pics here of Hanna’s pups but with the ability to take videos and photos on our phones today I mainly posted regular stories(which only last 24 hours) and updates on instagram. tylerwild_bordercollies  Look out for me!!

I have pups due in May and will continue as I always have done to send puppy owners videos and photos as I take them (often daily!!). In the meantime everybody please keep safe, stay at home, wash your hands regularly, keep your distance at all times. We have family in Italy who have been in quarantine for sometime now so we know the consequences if we don’t do this now. The one message they make very clear is do not panic buy. Food and resources will remain but panic buying makes it hard for the suppliers. I happened to go into our supermarket this morning for a few supplies and was horrified to see the trolleys packed high and the lines of people trying to check out. This behavior is not helping the crisis situation.

Hannas babies

November 30, 2019

Born on November 14th 2019. Hanna is being a great Mum and the six pups are very content happy wee guys.

Guy Fawkes coming- watch out

November 2, 2019

Personally I think fireworks should only be in public places. The stress it puts on animals is just not fair.So please get ready and keep all your pets safe. I know some get really spooked.

We are lucky here to be far enough away from the bangs here but every year I hear sad stories of dogs running away and horses getting caught in fences. Its awful..

So thats my wee rant over.. now for the cool part.. Puppy photos.. We had a fabulous month or two with gorgeous puppies.. It was a super busy time.. but I loved it. It felt quite strange after they all left. Georgie had her first litter and was an awesome mum. Her mum Sue isnt the greatest of mothers so we weren’t sure what to expect from Georgie but she was the best. Mums- Mishka then Chloe, Georgie and of course our rat bag Molly..  Molly enjoyed being a mum and a grandmum actually which was nice considering this is her last!!

A few of the pups have gone to homes with other Border collies and some with Tylerwild siblings which is always special. I once again met some wonderful people and the pups have gone to some amazing homes.

It was  particularly sad seeing Georgies pups leave as that will be the last we ever have of Rileys pups.

There are a heap of photos here so enjoy. They are bit mixed up in dates …

and keep safe…

Pups available and ready to go

September 20, 2019

All pups homed thanks..

Happy Fathers Day

September 1, 2019

Especially to all those dads that have dogs.. they are the best.                                                                                                                                        First sign of spring came today and I’d like to share my gorgeous family outing with you.. The light was just great and I got some good shots of the kids..I know I have puppies to show you but without these  Beautiful Guys we wouldn’t have them and these are my  best buddies..

Also like to thank you all for the kind words and emails about Riley.. I am sad he wasn’t here to enjoy today with us but he wasn’t forgotten xx

A tribute to my Riley

August 18, 2019

When your dog gets old (and people too) I think you unconsciously mentally prepare yourself that one day they won’t be here. It still doesn’t make it easy.

When you have a fit active dog who is only months off celebrating their 9th birthday and disaster hits it is like being hit by a ton of bricks.. Life can be so unfair. One week he’s fine and the next he’s gone..

We still remember the day we picked Riley up. Little man sat at my feet all the way home. He wasn’t a big cuddler when he first arrived here and I sat down and had a word with him about that.. I said.. We  have cuddles in this family so you better sort your shit out or I will send you packing.. He definitely listened to that . He would sit on my knee any opportunity he could.. Greg use to say he thought our relationship was unhealthy!! He continued to do that all his life. We had to ban him from our bedroom in the end as every time I moved he would jump up and it would  be a full total check over my body and face with his tongue that I was ok

Riley was very special..  He was super smart. He knew before me what I was doing..  I don’t know how he did but he did.. And when it came to going to the vet OMG  he would like do this most incredible vanishing act..

He was a very independent dog.. he wasn’t one to be in your face unless he got to know you.. he had his favourite people and they also loved him back. He was always happy and out on his walks he would be off exploring but keeping half an eye on where I was.. He had a love hate relationship with Chico.. At home it was a hate and who was going to be boss but out together they had great comradery.. They would play like a tag and chase game which was just magical to watch.. Already I see Chico wondering where he is.

I feel a bit lost for words about our Riley dog.. I just didn’t for one minute expect to be writing this today.. I feel cheated we wont get to see him into his old age and care for him. I love my old dogs with a passion .. they are my best friends and Riley has been taken from me too soon.

About 4 years ago Riley got a foreign body in his side.. It was like a pine needle but off the casuarina trees our neighbours have as a shelter belt.. He was operated on twice but they couldn’t find it. I had managed to massage part of it out but sadly some must have remained in him.. It would flare up from time to time over the years in different part of his side.. A month ago we saw an opening on his spine. Sadly we think it then headed to his brain. I knew he wasn’t right a week ago but we could find nothing wrong.. A scan showed nothing. He went down very quickly.

He was a gorgeous dog.. Heart of gold and handsome.. he is buried on our lawn watching over us now and in peace. He will leave a huge hole in our hearts.. I will share some photos over the years. he was so photogenic.. I literally have thousands of him

Fly like the wind  my Riley dog. I will always remember your smile.. It is so weird not to see that this morning

Riley PIP

August 17, 2019

Today I buried my beloved Riley dog..  tomorrow I will write his tribute ..