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Happy 15th Birthday Maddie

February 7, 2018

My bootiful gal!! 15 today..  Definitely slowing down but still loved to pieces. She has had a wonderful 15th birthday today and been as spoiled as she is every day!!!

Enjoying the summer

January 29, 2018


Having had a very wet winter we are really enjoying this beautiful weather.  My pregnant girls Sue, Hanna and Tui are finding this very hot but they are able to cool down in the creek which they enjoy. The double coat that a border collie has does help keep them cool. Our Guys do enjoy swimming.

We really enjoyed seeing Georgies 2 sisters Paddi and Gypsy. Georgie especially did and they all got on really well with lots of mouthing games. Very very cute kids..

So January is already coming to an end.We seem to be lucky and have also had some rain so everything is growing fast. I have had to mow the lawns twice a week which isnt ideal..It is a very hot job!! On the 5th of Jan my dear Charlie turned 12 years old. She is starting to show her age now and slowing down. I managed some cute pics of her on her birthday..

The last of Chloes pups left around Christmas. I went  to my nieces wedding in Martinborough on the 23rd Dec so was able to take Juno with me for Deborah.  And also a big thrill when Charlotte and Michael  managed to surprise their family when they arrived to collect Nala on the 28th. They have Jasper (who is from Molly and Bill) and live in Wellington but had been up north on holiday. All the family wanted was a puppy for Xmas and the look on their faces was priceless when they realised they actually got one. It was lovely to see Jasper too and his older friend Gus.  Billie and Blue  left and then Macy Gray was the last to leave.

Here a a few pics I took this week too. Sue is starting to look big now and is due in only 2 weeks time. Hanna is also starting to thicken out and we are very excited about her and Rileys first litter. Tui will be 3 wks behind ..

Merry Christmas for 2017

December 22, 2017

And a Happy New year for 2018

Wow.. so I am not sure where this year has gone. Last November 2016 I gave up my 3 days a wk work(away from home) to  be at home fulltime and devote more time to my my dogs and puppies.. I did think maybe this way I would have some spare time. It seems to have gone from 0 spare time to minus 10 spare time!! But to be fair I am doing something I love and are very passionate about.  It is hard if not impossible for us to get away and generally not together.. Tomorrow I head down to the Wairarapa  for my nieces wedding leaving Greg to hold the fort.. Puppy under my wing for a family down there too!!! But after Xmas I will be home (mostly)and around and often people are on holiday and pass by so we look forward to seeing some of those Tylerwild pups back for a visit..  I have already had a few visits this month which we love & thank you also to all the emails with Xmas updates coming through..  I love them they are great..

We had an extremely wet winter and now enjoying an amazing start to summer. Mind you how we are asking for rain as the grass levels for our stock will get low.. you cant win. If this sun keeps up and having no pups in Jan I am hoping to maybe have the odd day out fishing (Please note Greg if you are reading this!!)

This week I have started saying goodbye to Chloes beautiful babies. Some will stay here till after Christmas. Once again I have met and got to know some really neat people and families and its a happy time seeing the pups head off to their  new homes and exciting life styles.. I say happy although there is the odd tear shed.. but they are happy tears!!! We did have one of Mollys pups for a few weeks longer  Oscar and that was a bit hard saying goodbye.. Talk about cute & win your heart. Oscar has just been back for a visit with Savannagh when they came to collect Maia and ohh hes still so cute..

Exciting start to next year with Sue & Hanna both due to have babies in February . This will be Hannas first litter and  shes a strong willed young lady but I think she will be a pretty good mum.. I cant wait..

I have also started a Tylerwild facebook page up.. Learning the ins and outs of it and I’m not a great facebook fan but its a the way of the world now.. so please check it out .. I will try & get this to connect through to updates but may need some  more techno advise on that one!!

So things are a tad hectic here at the moment so I shall quickly put some pics through and sign off till next year. Remember to keep your dogs cool & not shut in hot cars or houses.. plenty of water and away from all that good Xmas tucker they can so easily sneak off benches!!!


two boys looking for their forever homes

December 3, 2017

I have two very cute and relaxed wee men looking for homes. They are from Chloe and Chico. Ready to go after Dec 20th at 8wks but happy to hold for longer.

NZKC reg  – No breeding endorsement $1150.  10% off if you have a Tylerwild dog already!!!!Micro chipped and first vaccination done. More photos available or we welcome you to visit.

Please read my puppy page before contacting me..

Chloes beautiful babies and Mollys lot leave home

November 19, 2017

What a fantastic Mum and talk about happy.. Chloe smiles with pride and is so keen to show her pups off. I started them on solids earlier in the week but really struggle to encourage these kids to dig in so Mums milk is obviously the bees knees and solid stuff is just a wee taste.. They are very content pups..   Chloe will definitely need help with this size tribe so I am sure they will be digging in soon enough. I do have some pups available a choc girl, blue girl &  black & white boy.

Mollys pups left for their homes on a day it was pouring with rain. That did not dampen their spirits.. One of the wee girls went to a local family who been visiting regularly and the pup was for their daughter Calleigh and she didn’t know. It was her 9th birthday the day she was due to collect.. It was an amazing moment when she arrived and the look of total disbelief to start with. Calleigh and  puppy Taylor.

So all except for one little man called Oscar  have gone now and he will be going next weekend. It has been a real thrill having him stay a bit longer and I know it will be sad to say goodbye. His new home was a bit of a surprise.. Savannah and Sean had come down to see their new 3wk old pup Maia  but wee Oscar won their hearts too.. They  will have lots of fun with this guy as we sure are now..He is one super cute kid..

I have also had some other pics Id like to share of Molly & Bills son Jasper who lives in Wellington with a rather extended family at the halls of residence!!! he is the chocolate boy.

We have been enjoying the visits from new families and friends now the pups are on their feet and more interesting & lovely to cuddle.. they do just get better!!!

If any of you watched Country Calendar last Sunday you will have seen a red dog called Barley.. She is from Maddie & Jasper.. and speaking of Maddie and Jasper I received a lovely email & photo of Casper who is from their first litter and now 12. Thanks Cynthia  for keeping in touch.

Our Bobbie girl isn’t pregnant but is still the most bootiful girl who we love..

Georgie is also enjoying having younger siblings to look over.. Hope you enjoy the pics!!

chocolate boys available

October 27, 2017

I have 2 chocolate boys looking for homes. They are 8wks old today so ready to go now. Mum is Molly and dad Chico.

Lovely natures. Had their first vaccination and micro chipped . NZKC with no breeding endorsement. $1350. Happy to send more pics but I do need a detailed  email about you for me to reply!!


Lanis pups have all gone & settled into their new homes.

Chloe on Wednesday night had 10 very healthy little pups.. Photos to come…

will it ever stop raining?

September 28, 2017

There certainly isn’t a water shortage here this winter!! We are well and truly OVER IT!!

However.. life goes on.. Currently I have some pups available from Molly & Chico.. 2 chocolate  boys ..  They have started on solid food now but not too impressed by this rain and getting wet tummies.. poor wee Guys.. They are 3 1/2 wks old now and will be ready for their new homes end of October.

Lanis pups are now 8 wks old.. Rocky and Moose have left the group now and the remainder are sadly leaving us this coming weekend… They have been an absolute delight to have.  We have met some lovely families and delighted to know the pups are going to be so well loved. We had quite a busy time with pups in April and the photo load got a bit overwhelming so I do apologize for not updating earlier. Unfortunately I also lost a few of the photo files over that period too..  so here are some of the latest pups from  Lani and Molly’s family.