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Two by two they came..

November 3, 2010
Firstly I would like to say a BIG congratulations to Cecilia with Bud & Sharon with TJ who both did extrememly well in  Taupo during the National Dog Training Association obedience championship at Labour w/e. We look forward to following their progress.
October has been a month of birthdays & visitors. It’s always fantastic catching up with the pups/dogs we have produced & especially so when there is two!!! Yes they are the ‘most’ adorable dogs & I have quite a few people come back for a playmate for their first Border so I’m not the only ‘mad over Borders’ dude out there!!

Pat & Tess

Tess and Pat had a weekend here with their cousins. They are both Tylers kids from different litters. Tess now 6yrs & daughter of Brucie.  Pat has just turned 3yrs old. 

Pat & Tess enjoying our walk

Tess enjoying a dip

Pat joining in the line up at the top.

checking out the creek

Then we had Skye & River visit. We hadn’t seen them for a while so we really enjoyed our catch up with those two & especially so as River was here to celebrate her 3rd birthday with her sister Trinity. She also was able to see her other sister Pat while she was here. They weren’t so sure about being left with us & stuck pretty close. We certainly lapped up the cuddles!!On Monday of labour w/e I walked 12 Border collies which was a pretty amazing feeling. 6 black & 6 red. It was awesome.

Skye & River out on our walk
River & Skye
River with her cousins!!
So having had a red & black pair, then 2 blacks, it would only be right that we got 2 reds visit & sure enough I got a phone call one afternoon & Caryn said we’re coming down to see you with our two red rascals.. Ruby & Bosco. Ruby is a beautiful dark red & very much a girl  & Bosco is a paler red & very much a boy much to the delight of his dad Grant!!
Bosco certainly reminds us of his dad Hoons.

Ruby & Bosco

Both these two are Maddie & Hoons babes- Ruby now 6yrs & Bosco has just turned 2yrs. Their friends also came with their lab so we had quite a concoction of dogs including a foxy..

the red gang

Ruby talking to Hoons

Then to top things off a red & a black again. The lovely Kimba and Jackson. They live in Papamoa with Pam & Keith & we are fortunate to have regular visits. Kimba is another Maddie Hoons pup & Jackson is Trinity’s brother so nice to also catch up with another of that litter.

Kimba & Jackson

We have mated Kimba with our Bruce & look forward to pups end on Nov.
Maddie & Kimba the 2 preggy Mums

My two naughty monkey puppies Moet & Shiraz clebrated their 1st birthday  on 21st Oct & my dear old Bruce turned 8 on Nov 1st.

Brucie turns 8yrs old

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