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pups leave to their new homes

January 31, 2011

What a beautiful bunch of kids we have had here. All so super confident & happy it has been an absolute pleasure. Once again we have met some wonderful people which makes it so much easier to say goodbye to my new little friends.  I still have two outstanding wee boys to home. These two are super cute & will be a handful so not for the light hearted!! Already they have managed to break out of the puppy enclosure & have arrived in our dog door looking as pleased as punch with themselves!!

 It is so neat seeing the very happy grins on everybodies  faces as they leave with babes in arms.

Sam will be going to work with Marc.. well when he’s a little older perhaps & Marc will be pretty much on site for a while!! Marc’s parents have two of my dogs so Sam will have family near by & I’m sure Bosco & him will be great mates!                                 

 Flash is living with another Border Collie  who is 2yrs old so he will have a constant playmate as well as Jessica to keep him in line!   

Riley is staying here in Katikati so we look forward to seeing him around. Three young children will keep him well occupied!

Barley has a little b&w Border collie playmate (not from here) as well as lots of family to live with. Now that  the kids are leaving home Caroline is starting to replace them with  the 4-legged variety & what a great choice!!
Tim & Sharlene live way up North & know Bill which is what inspired them to get one of his pups. Already I have been sent photos of Bill with his daughter Bailey & they look very cute together. Bill a very proud dad!!
Lucy  & Jill were very excited to finally be talking Tyvie home. I am sure he will be SOOO smothered in kisses that poor dog!!
Tom & Phillippa left their 3  children at home & collected Ruby. They live on a farm in the Hawkes Bay so Ruby will get planty of running around there!!
Paul & Alana will most definately have their hands full. Two rascals.. Yogi & Winston. It has been really neat getting to know Paul & Alana during the weeks they have been visiting the boys & we know we shall get to see the boys over the years to come.  That part we do enjoy!!
Amber is living on a large farm with 2 other doggie friends.. well they are older than her so hopefully they’ll be her friends.
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  1. Jill Phillips permalink
    February 2, 2011 10:44 pm

    Tyvie has settled in so well. He and Bailey our Cairn terrier are the best of buddies and play fight all day for hours before curling up together for a well earned sleep.

    Lucy is an avid artist and tonight Tyvie stood in her paint tray and is now looking splendid in his coat of many colours!!!

    He and Bailey are digging their way to China through the flower bed and Ty has now eaten a peace lily plant and a budding Rhododendron bush….. if kisses and cuddles were worth money he is probably worth about a million dollars so far!!

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