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8wks old

July 31, 2011

Pups are just full of beans & so much fun. Teresa & family have taken their little girl home now& she has settled in really well. They have called her Sandy. Sarah & Ross have also taken their boy Alfie & red girl Riley. I look forward to hearing how they get on.

We have had lots of visitors staying & the pups have enjoyed plenty of play from lots of kids & adults too.. they are pretty irresistable..

I still have 2 very special little boys to home. We often have them out on our lawn with the big dogs now & the pups get most put out when they are sent back to their puppy yard. “We are big dogs now” they tell us!! My Riley loves them to bits & in the morning it is him that cries by their gate to let them out. Shiraz is still Rileys  big love & I found him snuggled  up to her on our couch which was pretty cute!!

You can also see one of the boy pups in attack mode with Casta if you click on this below

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