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4 weeks old

October 7, 2013

They are a pretty full time job now. I am feeding them 4 times a day & that comes around pretty quick. Shiraz comes & goes as she feels the need.. Often she is in & out pretty quick & by the feel of those sharp claws & teeth I don’t blame her.

They are growing with confidence every day & now they venture right out the puppy run.

I keep their bed area as clean as possible & already they are learning to go out on the grass to go to the toilet. Their bed itself they are starting to  keep pretty clean..They aren’t so keen when it dark at night mind you.. So the newspaper comes in handy for them just outside their whelping box!!  If I leave the light on for them they seem much better!! Just like babies.

So cute & getting so cuddly.. They come running out as soon as they hear us open the gate.

We have Greg’s little Grandson Micheal here & now they are up & about he is starting to enjoy them. It will be interesting to see them next week when they are that much stronger & biting a bit more.. He may  find them a bit rough but at this stage he is the stronger one. I had to laugh when I looked at the photos & saw one of the pups Jess drinking from his juice cup!! Now that’s sharing for you!!

I have one very cute red male still available. Email me for more pics.

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