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Pups in their new homes

November 27, 2013

Firstly I would like to introduce a new member to our family.. Lani. I have just made her page up so check her out.. She’s a honey…

Seems a bit quiet here these days without the little fellows. They all seem to have adjusted &  settling well into their new homes. Most of the comments have been ‘ they are very bright & will be challenging as they get older’!!!

We had a few talkers in this litter too & Tara made me laugh when in her email she said Bella talks back to her when is been told off!!! hmmm little madam!!

I have really enjoyed & loved the photos back so far . I hope you all keep them up as the years go on!! Here are some of the pups as they left.

Ranger & Finn had a long trip & flew down to Dunedin together. Thank you very much to Anne, (Donna’s sister) for the fantastic little video clips & photos of the pups arrival. Anne & her family came up from Oamaru & collected Diesel from me a while back & she knows how much I worry about my little friends safety.. I would never fly my pups due  to one bad experience many years back & Anne helped me overcome it!! I will fly them now but I do spend a lot of time getting the pups use to being crated & travelling before hand.

Anyway all are good & of course now I can start getting excited about Tui’s arrivals just after Xmas It is still early days for her but Xmas will be here before we know it.. eechh

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