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Nearly summer.. yah

November 12, 2014

Well we had a great time with all our puppies here over what would probably be the wettest winter ever. Their run was more swamp like than ever. I have been a bit slow getting all the new owner pics together.. sorry. I have enjoyed getting the photos back & hearing their news having spent weeks sending them out!! We had a successful meeting in Auckland to drop some pups off & send the others on flights.  It was a sad day!! Peggy Sue stayed on for a few weeks longer which we did enjoy!!

Shiraz & Riley are due early Dec  which we are looking forward to. Shiraz once again has been put on a lead during our walks getting out gates etc so she doesn’t jump & land on her tummy.

We also helped Alana find homes for her two super cute boys Yogi & Winston. They are from Maddie & Bill.Karen & Steve have become regular puppy visitors so its nice they now have Winston  from here to keep their other bc company.. look forward to some visits..

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