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Tuis Pups and Tylers Tribute

March 13, 2015

Tui has had a beautiful bunch of pups. 2 b&w girls, 1 b&w boy, 2 blue girls, 1 blue boy, 1 blue tri boy. Born late afternoon into evening on the 12 March. All doing well.

so.. a few days have passed many tears  but I have managed to gather my thoughts and put together a remembrance for my Tyler.

Tuesday the 10th March. Tyler RIP

The grief is huge and although I knew this was coming it makes it no easier. Deep breath and here goes.. poor keyboards will get a tad damp writing this..

I wonder.. why do I do this.. what is it that pulls your heart strings so hard.

This is why..


It is 2am on the 17th November 2000- Invercargill. My princess is born.


Jessie Bear was 5 years old & the last thing she wanted was to see the arrival of 7 squirming puppies. Jessie having slept on my bed all her life suddenly was nowhere to be found & her babies would be crying. I became the fulltime nanny for those pups & every feed it was Jessie and me. I guess that’s why they were so special. By eight weeks and a bunch of crazy wee pups I realised I had to toughen up & find homes as I couldn’t keep all 7. Tyler and the Hoons were the chosen two but they were many tears over the others leaving!!

I had no digital camera back then but I had a film done every week  of Tyler & Hoons litter. I would get them back & think Oh.. better take some more as they are REALLY cute this week!! I put an album together which I still enjoy looking through.

Tyler was beautiful. As a small pup she had the longest eyelashes & it made your heart melt. She had a huge confidence & an air of grace about her even as a tiny tot.

She would always steal girlie things.. pink and pretty were her favs!!

As young pups we would take them out to the beautiful open beaches at Oreti & they would run wild with Jessie & Sambo. March 2001 we moved up North and lived at Papamoa Beach. My two then fluffy bears would continue to run the beach as if it was unoccupied & their own. Many a time they would disappear into the far distance chasing seagulls & I would just have to hold my breathe till they returned. I knew they always would but there was always that thought that someone might ‘steal’ them!!

Then we moved here too Katikati and Tyler spent her days chasing swallows up & down the hills. Our creek was home to water rats and she became hunter supreme.

Her other passion became hedgehogs.. No idea what she sensed in them or how she found them.. but miles off course I would hear Tyler do her “Ive found one” bark & she would have the tribe there with her.. The only times I could never get them to come back. Often in places she knew I couldn’t get to so I would have to wait till the excitement was over & they came back to me.. ggrr. Tyler would eventually arrive covered in blood..

Our land had nothing on it when we arrived and as we fenced for stock & built, Tyler learnt to jump.

Her only fear was thunder & guns. If a gun went off there would no chance even a walk would entice  her out the door.

When Sambo died Tyler took over as the dogs leader. She was amazing. Never snarly or aggressive but if she thought one of the dogs got out of line she would stand over them & growl. I wish I knew what she said as it always worked.

Tyler was a great Mum. But her births were the furthest from any text book story you could have. We could go for hours between pups. Tyler was never stressed. She would have a snooze, have something to eat & then pop another one out. If anything happened of excitement outside she’d have a look.. Looking back she was a nightmare in that respect.

Visitors were always greeted with huge excitement. Everyone was the same & treated like long lost buddies.  She was known for her licking.. which wasn’t always received with the same enthusiasm it was given!!

She wasn’t a clingy dog but she would look at you with her big brown sorrowful eyes. When Jessie died in 2009 Tyler took over her spot next to me on the bed.

Tyler was always great with kids and has been dressed up &  made to play games…

She has had a wonderful life. One of my very good friends once said to me they would like to come back as one of my dogs.. and I guess that sort of sums up my dogs lives. They are my family. Tyler has produced some wonderful pups & it has been nice this week to welcome into the world some of her great grand children. Tui often reminds me of Tyler.. the way she looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes.. It is heartening to know we have many of her progeny out there.


Tylers leaderhood was challenged a year ago  by the younger members of our pack. I suspected that maybe something wasn’t going so well with her although a check up showed she was strong I knew something was up. Over the last year she was our ‘special needs dog’. She choose not to come on our walks and that was pretty sad. Her relationship with her brother who she had spent so many hours playing with ended and that was sad. In the end we were getting up 3 times a night with her & her breathing started to weaken. Her walking was difficult but there was no way she wasn’t going to climb those stairs to my bed. It frightened me she might fall.

Her lymph glands were swollen & we suspect a secondary cancer.

She died with her dignity in place and broke my heart.

She is buried on our lawn next to her Mum Jessie, sleeping on one of my duvets like she has done for the last 6 years. She is at peace. She will never be forgotten.

She will always be my princess I feel privileged to have had her company for her entire life from the minute she was born till…

I have spent the last few days looking back over photos of her & Id like to share some  of those. Tyler has given me many years of happiness. I will miss her dearly.

(20 years I have had a dog sleep beside me now. Greg wonders who will be the next and hopes it will stick to my side of the bed!! Tyler started to take over!!)

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  1. April 29, 2015 6:53 pm


    I was so happy reading about your new pups, born on Michael’s 22nd birthday and thinking we need one of these babies.

    Now in tears.

    We are so sorry to read about Tyler. She was such a beauty. We loved her too.

    I know she is with the others in doggie heaven.

    Lot’s of love from us to you and Greg

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