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Sue, Shiraz and Tui pups

May 4, 2017

Well it has been a pretty busy few weeks with my girls. First Sue had her  pups on April 2nd. -4 blue tris and 2 lilac tris, Then Shiraz on 7 April,- 3 reds and 6 blacks. And then Tui during cyclone cook on April 13th- 2 Black tris and 4 reds. (All pups have homes).  Chico is being his usual very caring dad of all 3 litters.. He likes to keep an eye on them all.. especially if I am there!!!!


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Tuis birth was I guess the most ‘challenging’ We  pretty well got hammered by  Cyclone Cook so it was touch & go if we would loose power or not. We had the fire roaring in case we did.. She had a very long labour and although the lights flickered  while the wind roared & the rain poured we only lost  power for  a short period.. ‘thank goodness’!!

Now it seems a distant memory.. Sues pups are now 4 weeks and think they are real dogs..  so cute..It doesn’t take them long to learn about life and want our company. We have been lucky to have so many visitors call on them.

It was lovely to catch up with Monty again. Monty is now four and from Shiraz and Riley and he is lucky enough to have a little sister coming to join his world.. although the look on his face shows he wasn’t too impressed with such a small sister!!

Tuis pups are still enjoying only mothers milk.. but  very soon they will also be starting solids.. It is amazing the difference in 2 weeks. I look forward to  getting some more active shots of Tuis and Shirazs litter..

I have taken a heap of pics so here are a few of little & big dogs over the last couple of weeks.. They are a bit muddled but I think easier to have a look than explain.. The photos tell all!!  Its  a very cute time and the pups will only get cuter..  So I shall add more  very soon!!

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