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Chloes beautiful babies and Mollys lot leave home

November 19, 2017

What a fantastic Mum and talk about happy.. Chloe smiles with pride and is so keen to show her pups off. I started them on solids earlier in the week but really struggle to encourage these kids to dig in so Mums milk is obviously the bees knees and solid stuff is just a wee taste.. They are very content pups..   Chloe will definitely need help with this size tribe so I am sure they will be digging in soon enough. I do have some pups available a choc girl, blue girl &  black & white boy.

Mollys pups left for their homes on a day it was pouring with rain. That did not dampen their spirits.. One of the wee girls went to a local family who been visiting regularly and the pup was for their daughter Calleigh and she didn’t know. It was her 9th birthday the day she was due to collect.. It was an amazing moment when she arrived and the look of total disbelief to start with. Calleigh and  puppy Taylor.

So all except for one little man called Oscar  have gone now and he will be going next weekend. It has been a real thrill having him stay a bit longer and I know it will be sad to say goodbye. His new home was a bit of a surprise.. Savannah and Sean had come down to see their new 3wk old pup Maia  but wee Oscar won their hearts too.. They  will have lots of fun with this guy as we sure are now..He is one super cute kid..

I have also had some other pics Id like to share of Molly & Bills son Jasper who lives in Wellington with a rather extended family at the halls of residence!!! he is the chocolate boy.

We have been enjoying the visits from new families and friends now the pups are on their feet and more interesting & lovely to cuddle.. they do just get better!!!

If any of you watched Country Calendar last Sunday you will have seen a red dog called Barley.. She is from Maddie & Jasper.. and speaking of Maddie and Jasper I received a lovely email & photo of Casper who is from their first litter and now 12. Thanks Cynthia  for keeping in touch.

Our Bobbie girl isn’t pregnant but is still the most bootiful girl who we love..

Georgie is also enjoying having younger siblings to look over.. Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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