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May 2018 already..

May 7, 2018

Hmm It has been a while so not sure where to start!! I have so many super cute photos to share from my last litters.

March was the worst in history here.. we had so many bad incidents with dogs and vet trips. It was awful and I will have to say I would not want it repeated. We had two good births with Sue and Hanna and then lots of problems with poor Tui.. I want to leave it all behind me now and share with you the good times we did have and some of the gorgeous pups we had. It has taken me ages to sort through some of my favorites!!!

Thank you to all who visited over this time either with their dog or visiting pups and in particular a big thanks to Karen who stayed a week and was a great help with feeding and walking all the tribe. She was  a great support.. We had a lot of fun trying to do photos shoots with pups I think if we had another week Karen would have had them trained and I would have some pretty cute shots around an old tractor tyre!!

It was also lovely to see Bella (Tui Chico kid) who came all the way from Dunedin to see us with Grant and Cath..

There has been an incident on TV news recently about the terrible conditions some dogs are kept in which was disgusting and heart breaking. I  encourage all my new puppy families  to visit us here and particularly before I have pups as so many of you do!!  My next litter will be in June with Chloe and Chico which is also coming around super fast.

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