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Maddie 7 Feb 2003-5 Oct 2018 RIP

October 5, 2018

Four months short of her 16th birthday. Maddie my Foxy Lady, my buddy, my friend. I am going to miss you so much you sweet little dog.  15 1/2 years this little girl has been part of our life. How lucky have we been and how sad are we now.. People so often say to me when they take their pups how sad it must be.. Man I dare not tell them that 15 years down the track they will find out what sad really is..

Maddie arrived into our care at 8weeks of age. We had not long got Brucie so the two had a very close bond. In the ‘line up’ you would always see Maddie tucked in behind Bruce. In later years out walking we would sometime loose sight of Maddie, to discover her tucked in right behind our heels. A very loyal dog.

We took them both to puppy school, Greg took Bruce and I had Maddie. Well Maddie and I failed big time. She was the only pup in the class that could be off the lead because she would not leave my side.  We failed the ‘stay’ in the imaginary road play they did. Maddie was meant to stay at the curb side while I crossed the road.. She came with me every time!!! I was told that Maddie would get run over. .I told them shes smart, she knows if I’m crossing then its safe for her to!!!.. I got growled at… Well somehow Maddie survived well past any road rage danger so … I think Maddie was pretty wise.. More so than them!!

She was a very gentle dog.. All the other dogs over the years all seem to love her.. They would all go to her give her kisses.. even  till her last morning when the poor old thing just wanted to sleep Georgie would come running down the stairs and go straight to her and wake her up. She was gentle with children.. of all varieties.

Her one big phobia was she wouldn’t go up our stairs. As a small pup we had just 2 stairs and it took us forever to entice her up them. When we moved into our house she never came up to our bedroom. She would attack Tyler as she went up the stairs and we were sure it was just a jealousy thing.. She must have had some weird ideas in her head.  Sometimes these border collies do have some crazy little ways..

I can still hear her excitement at walk time.. Every time she would get so excited and yip.. there was no sneaking out with her without all the others knowing that was for sure.

She was the most fabulous mother. Probably one of my best. She produced many beautiful babies and cared for them so well.

Maddie has been  a very happy and healthy dog all through her years. We have not had her to the vet at all apart from her vaccinations and spaying.

Her last year she slowed down and in fact  we thought the winter may be too hard on her but in fact she perked up. But the last week she has found it harder and harder to get up. She started to get a really old person wobble and was finding it more difficult each day to get up. Last night she didn’t ask to come inside. She told me with those big brown eyes she was tired and had had enough. I half expected to find her asleep this morning when I got up but she was in the same spot looking at me sadly.  Maddie is in a happy place now. She is buried  beside her buddy Brucie who died 2 years ago almost to the day.

She had a very happy life, she will be missed hugely but I feel lucky  to have had the pleasure of her company for all these years.

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  1. rosemary jorey permalink
    October 5, 2018 5:20 pm

    So sorry for your loss of Maddie, as I was looking at her lovely photos, I thought I could see our Jesse in her face Then I read she was the mother of Shiraz, who is my Jesse’s mother. Jesse definitely doesn’t have the same ears, its more the expression.

    Regards From Rosemary Jorey.

  2. Janet permalink
    October 9, 2018 10:09 pm

    So sad to see you’ve lost Maddie. It never gets easier to say goodbye I never realised she was 15..I remember her when I first met her she was hiding under the seat and wouldn’t come out. Gemma has inherited a lot of her funny ways I’m sure .She will never leave my side and always knows what I’m going to do before I do .Her mind is so quick to pick up on what’s going on I can’t win with her. I pick up a brush or her lead or the camera and she’s gone into hiding but get the car keys she’s by the car in seconds. Phinn never worries about anything. I’ve tried to send you a video but not sure if it worked. I could’ve sent it before. Good luck for puppy season coming up. How you work them all out must be so hard but the colours of your pups are incredible. Bye for now

    ,Janet Y

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