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what a fantastic summer

March 31, 2019

I have just loved this hot and beautiful summer we have had and the rain arrived just in time before we got too too brown. I know we need it for our stock but I must admit I have enjoyed the hot summer days. Poor Nelson suffered badly..and so terrible with those fires.. That was scary stuff!!

The dogs have loved our creek and cooling off. It has got quite low  but still has its swimming holes good for them. We will often just head down there for a splash and its always a compulsory and much needed dip after a hot afternoon walk.

It has been a quiet couple of months with no puppies after Molly’s lot left. I have been able to spend more time with my big guys and also young Murphy who is now 6 months and  quite a character.  Although not related he does remind me of my old Hoons.. A bit of a clown personality.. Great wee fly catcher too!! he constantly makes us laugh with his antics..  he often gets the title ‘Mad Murphy’!!! Georgie has been a great playmate to him along with his mum Mishka.. Georgie turns 2yrs on the 2nd of April and we are still waiting on her to come on heat again.. I think Murphy has kept her young and puppyish. I am sure she will enjoy having pups of her own… one day soon we hope!!!

So this coming week I  excitedly await the arrival of both Sue and Tuis babies. The first 6 weeks of their pregnancies seem to go so fast and this week is now going very slow!!! Bobbie is due a few days later too and she is looking quite large!! It is going to busy times ahead but I cant wait.. Greg has upgraded one of our puppy rooms and added two new windows and I have just finished painting it ready for the new arrivals.. Oohh its exciting..

Here are a few photos of Mollys pups before they left  and some of our family over the last couple of months so i hope you enjoy them.. I am so lucky to have such  a gorgeous bunch of kids..

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