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Guy Fawkes coming- watch out

November 2, 2019

Personally I think fireworks should only be in public places. The stress it puts on animals is just not fair.So please get ready and keep all your pets safe. I know some get really spooked.

We are lucky here to be far enough away from the bangs here but every year I hear sad stories of dogs running away and horses getting caught in fences. Its awful..

So thats my wee rant over.. now for the cool part.. Puppy photos.. We had a fabulous month or two with gorgeous puppies.. It was a super busy time.. but I loved it. It felt quite strange after they all left. Georgie had her first litter and was an awesome mum. Her mum Sue isnt the greatest of mothers so we weren’t sure what to expect from Georgie but she was the best. Mums- Mishka then Chloe, Georgie and of course our rat bag Molly..  Molly enjoyed being a mum and a grandmum actually which was nice considering this is her last!!

A few of the pups have gone to homes with other Border collies and some with Tylerwild siblings which is always special. I once again met some wonderful people and the pups have gone to some amazing homes.

It was  particularly sad seeing Georgies pups leave as that will be the last we ever have of Rileys pups.

There are a heap of photos here so enjoy. They are bit mixed up in dates …

and keep safe…

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