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6 December 2003-February 2006

Jasper is from Tyler & Brucies first litter.

He went to live to Wellington at 8wks old. We met his new owners after a disastrous experience trying to fly him (which put me off flying them for years). His family loved him but unfortunately their circumstances changed & poor little Jasper was left home alone all day & tied up. The worst thing possible for a border collie puppy. He was re-homed but that didn’t work either. He had been too neglected & was now causing trouble. I lost touch with him for a few months & then one day I received an email from my brother in Wellington & he had met some lovely people who had taken Jasper in.

He was quite a handful & crying out for attention. Christine took him to a dog trainer Jo Goddard & this wonderful family put the love & attention back into him & it breaks my heart to have to publish this email from them.

For all of you that have experienced the love of a wonderful friend like this, you will find this letter nothing less than tragic.

Our deepest sympathy to Christine & family & one day when the time is right, I look forward to delivering another little Jasper junior to join your family.

Jasper will be remembered & dear to all our hearts.

Letter from Christine:

Dear Catherine,

Hope you and your family are well. I am so very sorry but I have really sad news.

I am not sure how to write this and have been putting it off but it has been playing on my mind that I must get in touch and now I am sitting here blubbering so please forgive me if I come across with what some may say is displaced grief.

We have lost our much loved Jasper. He passed away Friday, February 10th.

He was a tragic loss to us and we are still crying over him. Our beautiful handsome boy.

He became sick over Waitangi weekend. On the Saturday after training we took him to the SPCA vet with what we thought was constipation. The vet gave him some oil to loosen his motions. This did not work. On Monday we took him back. The vet decided to give him an enema and said walk him for ten minutes and it should all come out. He said he would be back out in ten minutes to check on him. Well as it was Waitangi Day everything was closed so after a long time we knocked on the door and said nothing has happened what do we do now. He examined Jasper again internally and said well he can’t be constipated too badly as there was nothing on his fingers. He said take him home and go for another walk and see if that helps. We trusted him and this turned out not to be a good thing to have done. Jasper didn’t perk up so we decided to get a second opinion elsewhere as we thought if an enema goes in then something should come out even if it is only the enema liquid and if nothing comes out that is just not right, there has to be something else wrong.

The second vet x-rayed and gave Jasper antibiotics for a bacterial infection, from where he got this infection we don’t know. He didn’t improve so we went back and he went into surgery to see what was going on. The infection was extremely severe and one of the largest the vet had seen. Jasper was dying. The infection was so far through his body that it was too late for us to fix him.

We couldn’t believe it. He was so perfect. All the training had worked. He was the most fun, loving, obedient, beautiful, handsome boy who loved to run faster than the wind. He was personality plus. We miss him terribly. I am sure he knew we loved him and we spoilt him rotten. Two kennels sit in our garden unused as we just couldn’t put him out there :o) and it was our beds he loved best. I especially miss my Saturday morning training sessions with him and every time I go out in the car as he was always by my side. Getting the Sunday paper off the lawn is just not the same, I had taught him to fetch it and bring it in to Mum, he would jump up onto her bed, plonk down the paper and then lay down along side her insisting on his chuckle under the chin. Michael misses his best mate and feels incredibly lonely without his buddy to run through the hills at the park with and of course to sleep with. Mum misses him “talking” away to her all day. He had the most lovely way he put his head to one side and raised his eye brows at you and then “talk”. He had stopped the barking, pulling, everything, honestly he was just the most lovely boy.

I cant tell you how much of a failure I felt, I was sure that I had missed something, or done something wrong, but when Jo who helped us train him offered us one of her puppies I thought maybe we didn’t do such a bad job as she wouldn’t offer a puppy if she didn’t think we were good enough.

We were not ready to take on a puppy and Michael wants a dog like Jasper. At this stage Jasper just cant be replaced. Our whole extended family miss him. Even the neighbours in the street have come and said how sad they are and how they miss him coming and nuzzling up to them to say hello. He really had a place in a lot of people’s hearts.

Jasper taught us a lot about dogs and how wonderful they are. He taught me not to be afraid of dogs and that is a wonderful gift in itself.

If you don’t mind I would still like to keep in touch we love to look at your site and see how they are all doing and take guesses as to which puppy was Jasper in his litter.

Once again I am very sorry to have to have sent you this news. I am in the middle of writing a letter to the SPCA so this does not happen to anyone else as I feel strongly that the vet on duty that weekend did not treat Jasper with enough care. I will let you know if they reply.

Kindest Regards
Christine, Michael and Gwen.

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