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Pups now 6 weeks

February 24, 2010

Charlie & Hoons kids are just such a fantastic bunch. All very cruisy & now just live little  crazy ankle biters. When we go in to see them in the mornings you would think they hadn’t seen anyone for years.. certainly makes you feel rather special!! They like their food but they are in two minds about eating or cuddles first.. You can tell the ones more interested in food!!!!

We have had such fantastic weather & the one period of heavy rain for 2 days kept the pups & the big dogs pretty quiet & also outside as it was so dusty they all got FILTHY.

Pups have all had their first vet visit. All were very well behaved & very quiet during the trip which made a pleasant change as often the pups can be quite loud in the car!!! Vet said I had a beautiful  healthy bunch of pups.. but I knew that!!

As normal.. pups bring visitors & its great for them to have kids rough & tumble them. I am often a bit slack getting out the camera.. but I did get some this w/e of some friends that called by..

Ben & Young have also visited who are taking  a little pup they will call Rayley.  I think she will share a yard with a couple of other dogs  but Ben & Young are very excited about their new baby. We hope to follow her progress for many years!!

Sheryn & Nick have also visited & twice now for Sheryn.. & friends. Delighted she was able to meet up & show off her pups family& especially to her friend Carey who will doing quite a bit of obedience  training with them & the young lad…he is a real cutie & a real cruiser so I think he will bring them lots of happy times again after losing their last  B/C friend..

Not to be forgotten are my two absolute rockets I have kept from the last litter.. Shiraz & Moet.. now eecchh 4 months old.. where do the months go. What characters.. They both love the water .. & it doesn’t matter what colour or how smelly it is…grrr Moet (the lighter coloured bubby!!) well she turns black from time to time so definately is her fathers daughter.. I had too many other cute photos of pups but I’ve got a great one of her black..  I have  included a photo of Shiraz in our stream.. They both splash & play & it is just so cool to watch.

We had Red who is their big brother come & visit with family John, Nat Maddison & Maia. We had that rare moment of  heavy rain  the w/e they were down so confined us to inside  during their visit, much to the kids horror as they so love the dogs.. ALL the dogs at the same time & 2 kids (lively as the dogs!!) & 8 dogs inside is ahhh a NO!!Yes I do draw the line..   The kids loved Charlies pups who were just tiny at the time & also my big monsters!!

Red is just lovely & I’ve included a photo of him giving me  a cuddle with Maia & Shiraz looking on.. Gorgeous dog..  & Maddison getting attacked by Moet & Maddie & Shiraz x close I look forward to my two growing up.. Red is very handsome but my girls will be beautiful!!!   Gets confusing all these names I guess if you don’t know my dogs & kids with the  same names.. Well Greg gets confused so I’m sure others do too.. ( & he lives here!!! for those of you who don’t know !!)

Shiraz was showing some good signs of stock movement so we took her to move the cows the other day with her mother Maddie.. Well what a little cracker.. Not only does she chase them.. she barks too.  Maddie is our best stock dog but she won’t bark. My first stock dog to  bark so we are very excited..  We don’t have a lot of stock & its all small time play but it is great fun to see these kids in action.They are all so good with all our stock & we have such a variety…!! Great fun little Guys & so full of energy.. Just love them & the cuddles.. well I need more hours in my day.. hate going to work!!

Anyway.. not long now & the mighty midgets will be leaving home.. sad time for me.. but happy as I meet some lovely people & make new friends & I hope  they all realize they take on me with their pups so…

I will always help along the way with any advice & help in rehoming if that happens. I just need to know where my babies are.. We are looking for a home for a 41/2 yr old in Wgtn who I am collecting on 14th March.. I have spoken to & sounds like the perfect family match for her so I hope I can give some great happy photos of that soon..

till next time.. keep the water levels up in their bowls & walks faster &.. cuddles forever!!

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