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Winter Blues, roll on summer

July 28, 2010

Where have the months gone? Back in October last year Maddie & Hoons had a bunch of pups, two of which remained here.. Shiraz (a smooth dark red) & Moet ( light & full of bubbles). They are now.. eechh 9months old. Full of beans & mischief. It certainly is double trouble when you take on two but the bond that litter mates have  is something well worth the effort (I hope) ..gardens destroyed & escape artists supreme..

However they are a wonderful lively addition to our family & we love them to bits. Our poor Moet broke her leg & has had major surgery so we have been nursing her back to health again which has meant considerable confinement ..she has not been so pleased about it, but you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes & we were determined to do the best for the long term for her. We are delighted to say she is on the road to a very good recovery & already running as fast as a speeding bullet!!

Charlie & Hoons pups all left home back in March & I do apologise for not updating their new family send offs. We have had awful news from one of the owners who have lost their pup to an unknown poison. I have heard wonderful stories from some of the other pups new homes & beaut pictures & !! Thank you for keeping in touch.  They will be getting pretty big now. We look forward to some visits too.

Lily, a sister of Shiraz & Moet also left to her new home.

We helped re-home an older dog Phinn back in March too. I found it quite a sad occassion. Phinn had lived in the Wairarapa & we collected her in Turangi when handing over pups & bought her home. Phinn is  Tyler Bruce baby 5years & just gorgeous.. She lives with Kelly in Tauranga now & from all accounts they have a very special bond already. So a very happy ending there.

Pam & Keith who over the years have now become wonderful friends have 2 of my little treasures. Jackson & the other is Kimba who is nearly 2 years of age. She is a big sister of Shiraz & Moet & on their visit last w/e it was pretty hard to tell Kimba & Shiraz apart. It was great to see. We hope to have a mating with Kimba & Bruce later this year.

And of course the exciting news will be Trinity (daughter of Tyler) who we hope is in pup. Its early days yet but I hope to confirm this in a couple of weeks & start planning my time off work!!!! We had some very good matings & I shall update all details once we know for sure.. Trinity has a beautiful nature & such a baby face I am sooo looking forward to seeing her as a Mum.

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