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Trinity has had her babies

November 13, 2011

Born by caesarean late thursday night 1oth Nov. One pup got stuck & no wonder as they were monsters!! the smallest weighed in at 400gms & the heaviest 2 were 470gms. Certainly the biggest I have ever had..

Trinity had a heavy bleed during the operation & we are keeping her quiet so that she is able to recover & mend well. She has accepted her babies & is a fantastic proud Mum. It must be so painful having crazy little pups clawing at you with a massive stitch up the middle of your tummy. Tinity is getting all our extra special love & attention at the moment.

Sabre  (Southridge Southern Man at Sheidenice) is the dad. Check my litters page for more photos.

Pups 3 days old

The last of Shiraz & Bruce’s pups have now left & gone to their new homes. Tracy and her daughter Beth came from  Wellington to collect ‘Charlie’.

Trinity oversized

Beth, Tracy with Charlie
terry & family

Terry & his family lost their bordercollie not so long ago & have replaced her with this little one. I think they are calling her Jessie..

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  1. November 25, 2011 4:28 pm

    Yay, now this time she wasn’t just scamming food off you.

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