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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

December 19, 2011

let me out

Well only a few days now till Santa comes  & then it’s 2012.

We have had an ‘interesting year. Lots of happy times & some sad. Loosing my Moet in May was heart breaking.

Tyler & Hoons turned 11 in November & Riley has just turned 1. Where do the years go..

We have had lots of lovely puppies with Charlie, Shiraz & now Trinity & in fact we have now made 105 Tylerwild puppy’s with Trinity’s litter.

The pups are 5wks old now & just GORGEOUS. I am keeping the ‘ONLY’ girl & she’s a red.. I did hope for a black but however..  Still undecided on a name for her so HELP!!!

Trinity I will have to say has been an awesome Mum. She has continued  with her laid back attitude to life to her kids & it’s so neat to see. She never snaps or gets grumpy with them & they must really hurt when they all come running to the tank with sharp claws… I think a lot of us should take a leaf out of her book.

5wks old

I still enjoy & look forward to all the photos that my pup owners send & their news. Please keep up with that. This year has been pretty busy for me with my Mum moving here. She’s in the rest home & I visit every day I can but my computer updates & emails have gone by the by.This new site does tend to jump around a bit & make me wild  so I find it frustrating. I haven’t always sent out an email when I’ve updated anymore but you can ‘follow’ the site yourself now & it notifies you when I have updated.

I hope you all have a very safe & happy Christmas. look after your four legged friends & big hug to them from me..

We do have a cottage now available if you would like a rural get away with your dog.

tug of war

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