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Meet my new Tui Gal

February 13, 2012


the real TUI girl

P.S Our cottage is still available over easter at this stage.. check out its page

Trinity & Sabres pups have all gone & happily adapted to their new homes now. Well all except the Tui girl who has stayed. She really reminds me of her dad to look at, at this stage.. maybe a bit of her Grandmother Tyler too. She is seriously cute & won lots of hearts over all ready. Her mother Trinity is a great swimmer.. & her grandmother Tyler & great-grandmother Jessie-(the type that would find water in a dessert) & Sabre is a big puddle duck too.. WELL I think Tui has double trouble genes.. She empties our water bowls( like her dad) & loves the creek for swimming in. Very cute to watch but very annoying with the inside water bowl..ggrrr. Chases her tail like her Mum!!

It was sad to see the other pups leave but once again I have meet some wonderful people & am enjoying the news, photos & even a movie of how they are doing. All very happy pups from the sound.

frankie & christine
  • marley & family

darcy & family

chev & jeremy

monty & family

cookie & helen

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  1. February 15, 2012 6:14 pm

    TUI is even more georgeous than when we were there in January.
    Newsflash for you ….. Sasha is back to normal weight.

  2. Chris and Cherie Loveridge permalink
    April 12, 2012 5:23 pm

    Darcy is enjoying chasing his tail. It is so comical. He is doing well but loves to run into rooms pick whatever he can find up in his mouth, and run for the back door. He is so affectionate and loves kisses.

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