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5wks & seriously cute

September 25, 2012

5weeks old now and building confidence every day. They listen for us to open the gate & come running to greet us.. All under your feet & making it near impossible to walk. “Cuddle me cuddle me” and how could you not with those little faces. My new little chocolate pup Molly is very keen to get in & play with them but she can be a tad rough so I have to watch her. When they were really little I found her snuggled in the whelping box with them. Maddie showed her teeth at this impostor but that was all.. she is so understanding our Maddie. At the moment we are  trying to wean the pups off her & its hard work as Maddie just wants to look after them.. even with their sharp claws & teeth. Anyway I hope you enjoy these photos. The pups are all homed. My next litter will also be reds

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  1. Janet young permalink
    September 26, 2012 3:00 pm

    What an awesome mum Maddie is. The red pups are very popular. No wonder you are so busy. Molly is a beautiful colour & looks a handful. Tuigal will enjoy a new kid on the block to play with. Riley is proving a good stud. Gemma is loving having my daughters little jack russell to play with but will be very lost when she goes home. Tell Charlie shes missing out on a good thing with Riley. I suppose she wont have a season until next spring just because I want a pup from her. Love the photos
    Janet y.

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