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What a cute bunch of kids

October 3, 2012

Six weeks old & now full of mischief. What a stunning bunch of happy pups. I have taken heaps of photos but here are just some of the better ones.

My little Molly LOVES playing with them & is forever sitting at the fence talking to them. It’s so cute. The pups are now old enough that they can play with Molly. I forgot I had left her in there yesterday & found her in their bed with them.. The pups were trying to go to sleep but there was no way Molly was going to let that happen.. She was rather annoyed when I removed her.. Hard case little gal.

Maddie also is still being the great Mum & I just love watching her play with them. Feels sad to know this is the last time she will have this enjoyment but I guess she won’t think of it like that. We have her daughter Shiraz here who has just started her heat so.. we will hopefully be doing this again in 2 months time!!! Enjoy the snaps…

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  1. Christine McMahon permalink
    October 7, 2012 9:21 pm

    WOW Catherine they are.truely stunning babies only you have. Molly is gorgeous. Love to meet her one day. Big cuddles to all from Wellington.

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