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My babies turn 12yrs & my big girl 1yr

November 26, 2012

the gang

Nov 17th 2002 my dear Jessie bear had her pups & what a life changing day that was us. Back in those days we just had Sambo & Jessie..( Now days we have a few more than 2!!!)Little did we know at the time how dramatically that would alter our lives.

I loved those little pups so much & I can remember when the first people came to view them I would say the pup they liked was sold. The thought of parting with them was just too much. I realized I had to harden up or I’d have the lot staying.    We kept Tyler & Jasper & it is great to have celebrated their 12th birthday last w/e. Both are now retired but are still my babies & they both think they still act like babies at times!! Saying good bye to my first ever litter of pups wasn’t just a bit sad it was heart breaking. I sobbed. Now days I still get  teary but I manage to remain pretty much in control & have some fabulous homes out there & the happy people taking their pups makes it all worth while.

Tyler is my princess & sleeps on our bed. I think she has 3/4 of the bed & Greg  & I the rest!! Wouldn’t have it any other way though!! She is always on the hunt for bunnies or water rats or her favorite .. hedgehogs!! She is still the leader of our pack  although Shiraz is starting to head up the ladder & I think would like to take over.

Jasper (Hoons) is still our clown. He has got a bit grumpy with the younger dogs in his old age & starting to slow down a bit but he still plays his silly games of not letting Bruce through the gate & likes to do his puppy dog play with his ‘selected ‘mates.He is such a character & still manages to make us laugh at his antics.He seems to have a permanent smile on his face.

 I am pleased to say they are both in excellent health & I hope it stays that way for years to come.

When Tyler & Hoons were only 3 months old I took them to my first & last dog show. Hoons was so excited & got me into so much trouble. One judge told us to go & stand in the corner till Hoons calmed down. My friends that came with me thought it was hilarious & I remember one lady saying to me not to worry (as I stood shamefully in the corner) that he was a lovely dog..needless to say even winning a couple of ribbons we never went back!!!  Tyler pranced around the ring like a pro but the Hoons.. well somethings still haven’t changed!!

Young Tui (Tyler’s granddaughter) turned 1 yrs the w/e prior on the 10th Nov. She is a honey of a pup & in many ways reminds me of Tyler in her mannerisms. She enjoys her morning cuddles & often I’ll have the 3 generations up on the bed Tyler, Trinity & Tui.

Poor Tui got her tail caught on what we assume was dead gorse & has lost the end of it. No white tip anymore poor baby. I think she’s beautiful but she won’t be winning any beauty shows. Her personality makes up for anything else she lacks. She is a delight to have.

Shiraz is due to have her babies in 2 weeks & is looking rather large. She still is very active but I noticed she found it pretty hot yesterday. I am really looking forward to having pups again. I always get an excited/nervous feeling just before the pups are born. There is always the chance things can go wrong & the relief once the babies are born & the adrenalin of having them is something so special. I worry about the Mums & they are my main priority should anything ever go wrong.

I took a few photos out walking & in the morning yesterday as it was such a glorious day. It actually felt as if summer was here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them.. ps Tyler was as usual off doing her own thing..& missed being in the line up shot!!

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  1. Janet Young permalink
    November 27, 2012 12:09 pm

    How did you get them to all sit still for photot.I get camera out & Gemmas gone. I love the one of Hoons on his own.Looks really proud. Also Trinity I think looking away with her back to them all as if to say to hell with you lot. Gemma is filling out now & looks more like a border & like her mum. She likes to standover & block Katey& the cat & any dog visitors that come which is really annoying & causes a bit of friction so I presume its her trying to be top dog. Even the chooks get it.. Look out when I get a boy mate. Good luck with new pups. Cant wait to see them.
    Janet Y

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