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Merry Christmas for 2012

December 24, 2012

Proud MummaAnother year has flown by & right now Santa will be busy wrapping all his pressies & ready for his hard nights work!!

We are home for Christmas with family around coming & going & of course Shiraz’s puppies for all to cuddle!!

Sat 8th she had her pups & it was a sad outcome. All up she had 8 pups but sadly we lost 6. A few weeks back she had jumped the gates in her excitement heading out for the walk & landed with quite a thud on 2 of the gates. At the time I thought Ohhh ouch but Shiraz never flinched. Sadly the result was this. 6 of the pups were  smaller & although alive when born they had difficulties breathing so their lungs hadn’t developed. All things considered she had a relatively good birthing but no. 8 pup did arrive dead the next day.The 2 survivors were a lot bigger & are now thriving. We are just relieved Shiraz was Ok & that we do have 2 pups. The first few days poor Shiraz had very big & sore tits as they came down in size to feed a small family not the big one she was expecting.

We will have her on the lead a lot earlier in her pregnancy next time.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to any photos & updates on Tylerwild pups. Don’t forget to have plenty of water out for them in this hot weather & not to leave them locked in hot cars..

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