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Happy New Year 2013

January 13, 2013


Happy New Year everyone. I hope we all survived the excess food etc over the Xmas time & new Year celebrations.

A good friend took a flight over our home & gave us this photo. Greg calls our house the big dog kennel!! This will give you a bit of an idea of our place plus we have acres of avo’s surrounding us which we are able to walk through.

We have had a great time with family and friends coming & going. My Molly now 7mnths is getting big & in fact is now about the same size as Tui.  Plus our two gorgeous little pups for all to cuddle & adore. They are now 5 wks old..eech

Monty will be going locally & it is lovely that Michelle Jym & family have come to visit every week & see the little fellow grow.

Trevor also has come from Napier to visit his pup Ruadh (pronounced Rooah) over New year. Ruadh wasn’t quite on the move  as such when then but Trevor had lots of big dogs to get under his feet. He kindly had them out for a few walks so he was a very popular visitor!! See you soon Trevor…

We have enjoyed the ease of having only 2 pups. No worries about them under your feet & the difference in their lack of  interest in food due to no competition  has been the most noticeable. Lovely little boys they both are.

Neo who is our Auckland family dog has been staying over Xmas. He is so good with kids & we all laughed at the way Casta had him tucked up on her knee like a baby. Talk about tolerant!!

We are still waiting for Trinity & Charlie to come into season. It has been pretty hot so maybe that has delayed things.. I don’t blame them as who would want excess heat on board in these conditions.. Mind you I do enjoy the summer & the heat.. just not when you have to work in it!!!! Rain & dogs is not what I call fun!!!

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