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A real summer

February 11, 2013

Well I’ll have to admit I do love summer & this one has been fantastic. Not so good for the grass growth & I don’t think I’ve ever seen our land look so dry but it’s amazing what flourishes after a short rain. Our front lawn is taking quite a hammering & not helped with 10 border collies hooning around!!

We absolutely loved having Shiraz’s two pups. Two pups were such a breeze to look after & they were honeys. When we have a litter of pups the hardest part is trying to walk around them & not standing on them as they gather with excitement around your feet. Both Monty & Ruadh are in their new homes now & seem to settling in well.

Trevor  called his pup Ruadh. Ruadh is pronounced Rua & is is Scottish Gaelic meaning Red so a great name. This a second Tylerwild pup for Trevor & we look forward to meeting up again when Ruadh is bigger.

Michelle & Jym who have Monty came & visited him every week which was so lovely. Each week they were astonished at his growth. Pups grow so fast.. too fast.

We miss the little faces at the gate but it won’t be long & we will have more there. We have mated Trinity & Riley and also Charlie with Bill. They will only be a few days apart & pups are expected a few days after Easter. It’s not ideal having 2 litters at once but we missed Charlie’s last heat as Riley was a first timer( then!!) & didn’t do the deed & Trinity has such long gaps between her seasons we don’t want to wait another 8 months. We decided to take Charlie to Bill for her mating because the pups they make are just lovely so we look forward to that combination again.

Charlie was so excited to see Bill she jumped out the car window & they were tied with minutes!! Not even a hullo… I think she had got a bit fed up watching Trinity & Riley & was wondering when her turn was coming!! I shall keep you posted on their progress.

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