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Brrrrr winter blast

July 10, 2013

Well what an amazing array of weather. From the driest summer I can remember to rain & more rain & now its cold &  well yesterday it was actually pretty hot out in the sun. I got down to a singlet out with the dogs in the morning & back into winter woollies for their evening walk.

We had a wonderful time with our pups from Trinity & Charlie. The pups were so lucky as they had 2 Mums & also they had little Molly who would spend every moment she could with them if she was allowed.. She is a lot gentler with them now but I still had to keep an eye as she would get a bit over excited and pounce on them. We celebrated Mollies 1st birthday the end of last month. Where has the time gone..

Gorgeous bunch

Gorgeous bunch

Pups are all in their new homes and creating all those puppy challenges that pups do!! We had one of the boys here till 11 weeks & he was a delight. I think Id like to keep them all till that age!!! Actually on 2nd thoughts maybe not..

Two of the pups went to homes where a Tylerwild pup already resides. Phinn has gone to Janet with Gemma. Maree very kindly transported Phinn down to New Plymouth for Janet. Gemma being a little Gem & now Phinn being a whirlwind is keeping Janet on her toes & I will have to admit I have had lots of laughs from Janets emails & the antics going on down there!!

Trevor who has young Ruadh has now added Bonnie to his family.. must be the 2nd child syndrome as I think she is also adding new challenges to Trevors world!!

Some lovely families & I do hope they will continue to keep in touch with me over the years..

But we have great news in the fact Shiraz has come into season & we have mated her & Riley again. Shiraz is quite a jumper so she will be on tight security this pregnancy & sadly for her put on the lead quite a lot..

Shiraz & Riley

Shiraz & Riley

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