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Some Funny Dog Faces

August 25, 2013
A Fat Shiraz

A Fat Shiraz

Shiraz chilling out with her Dad- Hoons

Shiraz chilling out with her Dad- Hoons

Two weeks to go & Shiraz’s babes will be with us. She is starting to fill out now & we have been pretty strict with her as far jumping goes & on the lead. My dogs are very lucky & aren’t  very often walked on the lead but Shiraz  has worn a collar so I can stop her jumping easily. I hate them wearing collars so once the babies are born I look forward to taking it off her again.


So often I go to take a photo & the moment is gone but digital now allows you to just keep clicking!! I have sometimes got some pretty weird looking faces so I thought Id share them. If these were people they would kill me so please don’t tell my dogs I have posted these!!!

We have got Greg’s 1 1/2 yr old Grandson  Micheal staying with us at the moment. He loves the dogs & they well…umm.. sometimes its mutual but most of the time they prefer to keep out of his way….At 1 1/2 he is pretty full on & we have to curb his enthusiasm at times!! Riley loves him & will often clean bowl him with his love!!! Tyler is also incredibly patient & doesn’t even seem to mind him sitting on her.. Hoons went to hide in a cage but right in after him was Michael.. It did look very cute!!! Poor old Hoons.

And these are just a couple of pics of the beautiful parents to be.. I can’t wait to see their puppies… & with their friends…


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