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Pups Want OUT

March 2, 2014
let us out

let us out

PLEEEASE let us out

PLEEEASE let us out

At 8wks old these Guys were truly ready to go to their new homes. Look at those pleading little faces.. We would let them out on our lawn to play & interact with the big dogs & they would protest about going back the little cuties. Big mean Mum I am!!

In the mornings they would be all lined up anxious for cuddles & play…

So once again I have met some lovely people & my pups have gone to some fabulous homes. Always a sad time seeing them leave but knowing they are heading off to a new wonderful world makes it all good..

Oscar & Blue wont be too far away so hopefully we might get to see them when they are passing!! It was a drizzly sort of a day on Saturday when the first 4 pups left so I did send some grubby bubbies away.. the rain & the dust mixed with pups.. well say no more!

Blu had a long trip down to Havelock North with Heather & Murray. Rex headed up to Auckland & on Monday Flynn also left for Auckland.

I have been lucky to still have Mila here to keep Sue company for this week but sadly she heads off on Monday. The two girls have integrated into our pack & have enjoyed walks with us & in particular both love the creek. Its quite low in areas so a great way to introduce young pups to water. They both have really enjoyed their swims which has been such a hoot to watch. When pups this age get wet they look like drowned rats & they haven’t quite mastered the ‘shake’. So I’ll share a few pics of one of our afternoons outing & also 2 very tired wee girls on the lawn on our return!!

Greg & I are off to Aussie for 10 days – back on the  19th March. Looking forward to the holiday but not the leaving of the kids part!!

Maddie & Simon & their dog Ollie, very kindly are moving in to look after the gang.. One young pup, old dogs.. possible girls coming into season so it wont be an easy task by any means. Tyler who sleeps on the bed…one pregnant.. so all with their own special needs.. Once I’m away I’ll be fine & they will be too but it is a bit of a worry. I am very much looking forward to visiting 2 of my pups that are over there.. in fact they are Lanis sisters and maybe sorting out some new lines to bring in.. so I wont be completely doggy free while I’m away!!

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