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Mollys pups & our Aussie trip

April 9, 2014
Molly & kids

Molly & kids

Well the kids have arrived  7/04/14 8pups-5 choc, 3 black. Sunday we had lots of nesting & restlessness & I did expect them that night.  However having spent the night up & down & waiting by Monday morning she was pretty relaxed again..Great!! So after a relaxing day with just short outings  the first contraction came  about 5pm.. on the bed!! but we did manage to get into the whelping box for the first arrival.

What a great birth. The first & biggest pup took a bit of a push & a wee bit of help but after that they came out really easily. Talk about a proud Mum.. She just adores them.. if she could, she’d put her arms around them!! So cute to see. I knew she would  be a great Mum as she has always loved all the others pups.. ever since she was a pup..   She is keeping them very clean & I think a pretty happy Mum. She is already looking her beautiful trim self & in fact insisted on coming for our usual daily walk yesterday afternoon.. now that’s pretty impressive for a mum to do within 24 hrs of having babes..on the way home from the walk we normally always spend some time in the creek having a play but those big eyes said to me.. Not today Mum I do want to get back!!! so we didnt..


Greg & I at the start of March had a lovely holiday in Australia. I can not give a big enough thank you to Maddy & Simon for looking after the kids & actually making this holiday possible..  Thank you two so much..\We had a very ralaxing time..lots of reading, swimming & touring around the country escorted by a very good friend.. thank you Keven!! We enjoyed the Port Macquarie zoo.. although I dont like animals being caged in this environment they have plenty of room & for a Kiwi its nice to see some Aussie animals & also some imports! The snow leopards were snoozing but what beautiful animals.. I hadn’t realized how small meerkats were either. No border collies there but hey.. that would have made it too perfect!!

To avoid me getting too homesick.. we did visit some beautiful border collies too.. Just to keep Riley on his toes I am looking at getting a new blood line in for the girls.. & I saw a few I wanted to put in my suitcase..  Sable border collies aren’t so common here in NZ but they will be soon if I have my way.. I fell in love with the gorgeous Thunder & his son Rusty.. WOW.. Now they to me are the wow factor… any way dreams are free!! I am working on one though!! We did meet some lovely borders & I am only showing a few pics.

Another highlight was our visit to see a couple of my pups, Rosie & Bella who are in fact Lani’s sisters  (parents-)Maddie & Riley. They look great & are very happy although they didn’t want to have much to do with me..weirdos!! no I think there was too much going on. But thanks Dianne for taking such good care of them & I’m still in love Thunder!!

Prior to us leaving the last of Tuis pups left- Mila. It was nice having her to keep Sue company for another week. Mila lives with a mini schnauzer called Baxter & from Debbie’s last email they are getting on just great.


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