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Pups & old dogs & more pups & winter..

May 28, 2014
Four generations-Trinity, Tui, Tyler, Sue

Four generations-Trinity, Tui, Tyler, Sue

I have  four generations of girls. Tyler being the eldest at 13 1/2, her daughter Trinity 6 1/2, Tui 2 1/2 &  Sue who is nearly 5mnths. How cool is that! Tyler who we love dearly & is starting to be  hard work.. the old brain isn’t what it use to be. She has slept on my bed for years so we not going to stop that now but it means some broken nights getting up to take her out. She doesn’t seem to be able to find the dog door anymore.. Thank you to Casta & Maia for helping with the photo!!

And Mollys pups are now 7wks old.. little terrors they are… I still have 2 boys to home a chocolate & a black so email or ring if you are interested.

They will be heading to their homes from next week. Molly has really enjoyed them. She is starting to play quite rough now with them.  Sue also loves to play with them which is pretty cute.

Its a bit hard finding room in the bed these days. Can’t believe what bad habits that Tyler girl is teaching her family. I had to get out this morning to take this of Tyler, Trinity & Sue. Sue is a little snuggler & this last week Greg has been away & she has abandoned the crate for his side of the bed.. Not sure whats going to happen on his return!! She might get cold sleeping on her own again!!

And the good news is Greg has been away with our Lani.. And romance is in the air….

Lani & Bill have been mated.. yahhh about 6 days later than we expected..  all good things in their time. So pups will be expected  end of July. We will have reds, blacks & possibly chocolates.

I also am helping 2 older dogs look for a new home. They are brother & sister Ginger & Bear.  Details on my re-home page. (Maddie & Jasper kids)

Ginger & Bear

Ginger & Bear

We are always really pleased to have visits from our dogs we have bred & Ross often rings at the bottom of the road to see if we are home & pops in with Riley& Alfie. This time I remembered(just) to get a photo.. Their Mum is Charlie & dad Bill & they are brother & sister. It always blows me away how like Tyler (Grandmother) Riley looks.. Thanks Ross & we do love seeing them..


Riley & Alfie


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