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wet winter & pups VERY soon…

July 20, 2014

Well we are well over this rain. Our lawn has looked more like a swamp than a lawn this year not helped by my friends &  my little helper who obviously decided we needed more holes!!!

my helper

my helper

However… I do love them.. lucky for them! We had loads of fun with Mollys litter & as usual were sad to say goodbye to the pups. We have had great feedback & they have gone to some great homes again. We kept this naughty little bottom in the photo above ..we named her Frankie & normally butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She is a great wee pup & loves Sue who is only 4mnths older than her. We are still having the odd accident inside but getting heaps better.. I know.. when she puts her head down but eyes up & tries to slink out of my sight, what she is up to & after a quick game of chase… she is popped out the dog door!!! She is a smart little thing….

Two of the pups left for the deep South & we flew them from Auckland to Dunedin. Kara is living with Anne & Mervin in Oamaru & Toby with Megan in Clutha.  Anne has another of my dogs & also her sister so this makes 3!! Thank you Anne.. Chloe is with Anita in Taumarunui. Some of Chloes grandparents live with Anita so she is going to be with family.. so to speak!! Millie who was the smallest of the pups lives with Harlan & Kali up North.


Jonathon is a keen soccer fan & named his pup Messi. I am sure this pup will be a winner!!! 🙂 Frank and his beautiful Blue dog called Jag came all the way from Blenheim to pick up  pup Kate.They arrived during some of the worst rains we had & in fact left when Nelson was also flooded.. We tried to persuade him to leave Jag behind.. but he didnt!! The last boy to leave has gone to the mighty Tokoroa & on a farm with Wayne.

We are now looking forward to our next arrivals. Lani & Charlie are both looking very pregnant & with only a week to go starting to slow down. I notice them sticking pretty close to me during our walks… well more like waddles for them. Actually Charlie is bigger than we have ever seen her. This will be her last litter. She is about a week behind Lani but she always pops her pups out early so no doubt this time will be no different. We will be busy!!!

And it was lovely to see Rex. Rex is Sues brother.

Hudson Rex & Sue

Hudson Rex & Sue

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