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What a week

August 1, 2014

Very exciting week we have had. Riley is a dad &  a granddad!! Lani right on the due date (Sunday 27th)  had 9 beautiful babies. It was hilarious .. (well actually it wasn’t at the time!) she would not have a bar of the first baby out, in fact tried to jump out of the whelping box. there was absolutely NO WAY was she having anything to do with that wriggly thing that just hurt her..luckily no2 didn’t take too long to come along & she started to settle down & realise what they were.. She didn’t like them near her face to start with so growled at them but after the first day she is being a great Mum… The first  7 pups weighed between 250g & 320g and then…. a little fart literally popped out wriggling furiously at 130g… followed by no9 at 360g.. so no guessing who got the food if those two shared a sac!! So a great mixture of pups from Bill & Lani… 2 black boys, 1 chocolate boy, 4 red girls & 2 red boys.

Lani is being a fantastic first time Mum. They all seem very content &  5 days on the mighty mouse is obviously a real fighter as she has had very little help from us & is always the first at the milk bar so surprisingly we think she’ll make it. She is so tiny next to the rest.

In the early hours this morning Charlie had her pups. We have been on tender hooks waiting all week as although Charlie was 5 days behind Lani she has always had her pups early & generally with very little warning & her pups are always very small. Just to prove me wrong, this time (& this time is her last time I might add) she had them on the due date & thank goodness for that as they were still pretty small.  They all weighed from 200g to 240g so pretty close in size & of course Lani’s little one is the same size as they are.. It looks like she is in the wrong box!! It is quite a hoot. Charlie spent a couple of restless days before this lot arrived .. but we know her measure & knew she was determined to escape & have her babies down a hidden tunnel somewhere.. we did not let her off the lead outside & she boy did she give us some pretty filthy looks. So a bit of a surprise in this lot.. The first little pup to show up was a blue girl at 1am this morning.. .. no 4 pup sadly was still born & held up the arrivals for a while…. the last was just after 7am this morn so needless to say we are feeling a tad weary today.. Charlie & Riley have ended up with a blue girl, a blue boy, 2 black boys, 1 black girl & 2 red boys so between the 2 litters we have quite a combination. It looks fantastic.  I have not gone through all my email enquiry’s as yet.. but I’ll get there once we have all recovered!!

We were very sad to find this morning one of our very dear Highland cows had died so that has put a slight damper on our day. We got Monty & Python about 10-11 years ago & she has been a pretty cool  cow. We have had some neat moments & gorgeous babies from her.  I am sure her mate Monty, PJ (her daughter) & also Jimmie the Bull will miss her as will we..  After a long, although enjoyable night it wasn’t exactly what Greg had on the agenda to do today.. Thanks Greg!! sorry I was unable to help. We’ll miss you Python…RIP

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