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Sixteen candles….

September 1, 2014

Ahh no but it got you singing!! 16 jolly puppies.. !Now this is the WOW factor.

2 red pups still available.

walk time

walk time

But first not to be forgotten are my beautiful big dogs.. With all these puppies at the moment.. the minute you get up till last thing before bed I still love the time with these guys &  their sheer  enthusiasm.. particularly for their walk which is when I took these photos. Aren’t they bootiful!! My little Frankie & Sue are growing up so fast.. Frankie is looking more like her Mum & I call Molly Sue & Frankie my ‘tight 3’.. they are all such great mates it is cool..                                                                  Frankie pretty much thinks she is the bees knees now.. She is let out of her crate in the mornings.. on the bed for cuddles & then she runs down stairs out the dog door (on her own) .. does her business & then wet feet & all back to the bed.. Very good little girl finally!!

So back to the puppies… What a handful. We had a hard start with Charlie & her pups. Poor Charlie had very sore very full tits. She was extremely restless & they would cry & she would cry(& I felt like crying!!) We had a pretty much round the clock watch over the pups for the first 3 days to see they didn’t get weak & were able to latch on. Very pleased to say we got through it all & now they are doing really well.

We started Lanis pups on real food at 3 weeks after a night of  them crying. I think it just became a bit much for Lani so we had to start helping. Her small pup (& thank you to all those wishing her well) was so tiny it seemed strange she would be out in the puppy house eating. Our Mighty mouse as we have called her  just seemed to stay the same size as the others grew.. But we have continually weighed her & she was growing just not as fast as the others. I am pleased to say that this week she almost doubled her weight & is now a whooping 850gms. She was the first to open her eyes & is doing everything the other pups is doing. She is looking like a Border Collie now!! All the pups live together & she doesn’t look out of place anymore.

It has been great having some of the new owners visit & those that can’t have enjoyed their weekly photos.. I love it when they start to choose their names so I can call them that when I cuddle them..

We are back to enjoying wonderful rain again..poor little pups.. its so hard to keep things dry when its like this..

Lani is being a great Mum.. One time just after I put Charlies pups out with her pups she had 16 of them climbing over her.. I didn’t have my camera on me & she never sat down like that again!! It just looked amazing!!  Charlie being older .. isn’t as keen on the larger mob so is happy to feed them but then gets the hell out of there pretty quick.. Once they settle down a bit & aren’t quite so pesky I hope she will enjoy some time with her last lot of puppies. Its so neat with the variety of colours &  you can  spend hours watching them.. & cleaning up after them.. they are like  a big poo factory!!

I have a male & female red pup still to home. Enjoy the pics…

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