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Summer is here

January 19, 2015

So Happy new Year..

Prior to Christmas I doubted summer was even coming. Now its fantastic but we will need rain for our pastures & stock. We have dust for Africa too which isn’t  so pleasant.

Just before Xmas we collected  our little Aussie import from the airport we called Chico. We are thrilled with our wee man & he has settled in really well.Yesterday (Sunday) the dogs & I decided to head down to the creek to cool off… I took my camera along just to give you an idea of the life they have. About 15 years ago we bought this property & back then we had our dear Jessie Bear (then 6years) who was a water baby extraordinaire  & it was her love of water that made us buy here… .Many of her off spring now benefit & enjoy..  The creek on the whole is  quite shallow but we have a few water holes perfect for my friends & even after no rain we have plenty of swimming holes. Lani in particular loves the water & dives head down.. I dont know what she is after but its quite a hoot.. I would like to share a slide show of our walk & some of my family.. Check out my puppy page for our next litter news too..  Shirazs pups are all homed but…  Tui has been mated so…More Sues on the way!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then of course we also have the most gorgeous little bunch of puppies.. They are so cute. Chico is very gentle with them.. Enjoy some of their pics.


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