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March madness

March 2, 2015

Well hard to believe we are into the 3rd month of the year already. We have  said goodbye to Shiraz and Rileys gorgeous bunch of puppies. They were four lovely wee fellows and we had Bella for a little bit longer while her parents had a holiday before they took her on!! She came out on walks with us & the big kids and was a very confident young lady. My young Chico was very gentle with her and really enjoyed playing. It was super cute.

It has been super hot over the last couple of months so our creek gets plenty of use. Lani makes us laugh with her performance. She loves to dive in and will do it over and over again. It is quite a hoot.

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All the dogs enjoy the water & Tui who is now looking very pregnant will lie very quietly in the shallows. Tui’s mum Trinity is a water baby from way back and also Sue Tuis daughter loves the water too. Tui is such a great wee dog to have pregnant as she takes things easy and looks after herself unlike Shiraz who never slows down. Tui doesn’t have long to go now and I am very excited about her arrivals coming. March 11 so watch this space..

My wee Aussie boy Chico is 5 months old. He is quite a character. He talks to me and it does sound like he is talking.. very cute … has a bit of an Aussie twang but I’m sure we can knock that out of him!! he has just discovered he can get in our fish pond. It does look very cute but I’m not sure our poor fish think the same.. he is getting big..

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And we have had a few visitors come recently. Bill would have to be one of the most beautiful borders you will ever meet. He is such an awesome dog. He is like a big lion. Man I love that dog.. he is Trinitys brother who is a smaller version. I hope to keep a Bill pup to keep on that line in the near future..

And we have also had 2 of Bill & Charlies kids here for a visit. It was lovely getting to know them. Riley reminded us so much of her Grandmother Tyler it was amazing. Even her mannerisms. Thanks Ross & Sarah for sharing them with us!!

Our Maddie turned 12 years in the start of Feb.  She is a lovely old girl. Still pretty active and loves her cuddles. It is nice we have 2 of her daughters Shiraz and Lani.

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  1. Dana permalink
    March 2, 2015 1:30 pm

    Love your babies. I have a lovely old red and white girl who is the love of my life and has pulled me through thick and thin. She s 14 now and finding it hard in the heat and has arthritis in her back. Still loves going for short walks and loves to swim in the river.
    Dana Roberts

  2. Janet Young permalink
    March 2, 2015 6:01 pm

    They are all so different & the colors together are awesome.I can vouch for Bills babies as my Phinn. is a darling & so like his dad.Still very much a pup at nearly 2 yrs old & a real character. He loves everyone.

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