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brrr winter has arrived

June 24, 2015

Looking at the temps down South I shouldn’t be complaining!! the dogs do enjoy the cooler days & go crazy when its windy. Mind you Hoons is getting old now so we think he feels the cold at night & have a heater on especially for him!!

Tuis pups are now out & about in their new homes. Bobbie has stayed with us to keep Tui company!! ūüôā Nice to have a little black and white around the place again.. I got a lovely photo of Cash who went down to Chch & is enjoying the snow!! ¬†Cash is living with a big Tylerwild sister called Ruby. The first few weeks everyone wonders what on earth they have taken on but then things do settle down.. Trust me!!

So after the pups have gone we are back into a more normal routine and ¬†the normal evening cuddles.. and out and about with me in general day activities. ¬†Lovely days but cool nights. And when its not raining I just love ¬†getting out with these guys.. who wouldn’t. They are great mates..

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