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muddy winter

August 18, 2015

Well August already so I guess winter will nearly be over thank goodness. It hasn’t been so cold but with all the dogs, the rain is a hazard &  creates mud mud & more mud. We will be pleased to have the next lot of pups in hopefully much better & warmer weather.. And yes I am excited. Molly is looking very pregnant and in less than 2 weeks they will have arrived. With the  handsome father being Bill the pups will be gorgeous…

And of course we  have also mated Lani & Sue. Now it was interesting with Lani as our Chico wasnt showing much interest in her and Greg was all set to head up North with Lani to visit Bill… next minute… Chico  had mated her.. so once that was done it was no good visiting Bill. We only got the one mating but that is all it takes. Lani was such a great mum last time we look forward to babies again. Photos of her last litter I am about to post father down.. read on!.

When Sue came on heat Chico was VERY excited. Sue & Chico are the best of buddies anyway so it was a pretty cute romance.. We had lots of howling & romantic singing during the nights!! Normally quite cute but Chico managed to get everyone singing with him so after a while the songs wore a little thin!!! We have had Chico DNA colour tested so we know what colours he carries but not so sure on Lani & Sue. We know  we can expect from Lani reds, chocolates, blacks anyway.. maybe blues. Sue & Chico will also have reds & blue tris & not sure if anything else.                                 Chico is a honey of a dog. We are delighted with his laid back temperament and very excited about meeting his first pups.

So Lanis first litter of pups turned 1yr at the end of July & Charlies 1yr early Aug. I have some photos of their progress to share. You may remember Lani had one very small girl Stella. Well she is doing really well in obedience classes & is very loved-  Can be pretty possessive of her food!! She had a 1st celebration with her brother Charlie. She weighs 11kg now so still small for a border but otherwise all good. Thanks to all the others for the birthday pics..

I still miss my Tyler so much and are reminded of her in Sue ( her great grand daughter) Tyler had the spot on my bed & there was no room for any others  & even our share was small in the end too!!.. but it must be in the genes as most of the dogs get up for a cuddle & get down again but Tylers lines.. hmm. One night I had Trinity at the bottom of the bed, then Tui middle & Sue by my head & Greg on the other side.. certainly no need for a hottie!! Tui seems to be the most regular to have taken her spot but Sue isn’t far behind.. Tui tries to hide her head in the sheets in the mornings so we wont kick her out.. how cute is that!!  Our little Bobbie  still sleeps in the crate next to my bed!!(another great granddaughter!!) I open her door in the mornings and she jumps up and what a wee snuggler…

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So all good here. We have had a few problems with Riley in and out of the vet with a lump reoccurring on his side. The vet suspects a grass seed but cant find it. I have hated having him chopped into so many times and poor Riley wont even go near the car now!! Thats life..

Our little Bobbie is now 5months and  turning into quite a character. She makes me laugh with her antics.. She has lots of friends .. all the dogs seem to love her and also Chloe who is back living here. She is Frankies sister and wasn’t happy where she was so…. Chloe & Bobbie spend hours playing those mouthing games!! Enjoy my pics!!


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