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Molly & Bill have 10 pups 29/08/15

September 2, 2015

Well done Molls. I knew she was big but this number did come as a surprise.. In fact she actually had 11.. But no 11… 12 hours later was dead on arrival. She had a really good birth otherwise and  the pups were all great sizes ranging from 310gms to 400gms.  We got  blacks chocolates & choc tris. I have emailed some people wanting pups but if you are interested and you haven’t heard from me then you best email me straight away..

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And this is how amazing dogs are.. This is Molly on the Thursday prior to her popping the pups out on Saturday. Out on a walk with the rest of us..

And it is also with great sorrow this week we said our last goodbye to a very lovely lady Dianne Wright. We met Dianne & Peter back in 2004 when they took home their first pup Tess. They were fantastic at keeping in touch with me and would bring Tess  over  to see us. Over the years we got to know Di & Peter  well. Dianne always wanted a dog called Pat. Pat the dog. Dianne’s great sense of humour. Both girls were from Tyler.   Dogs dont live forever but its pretty sad when they outlive their owners. Dianne was a wonderful happy lady and I will miss her friendship and laughter. Here are some of my photo memories of her. Rest in peace Di and I hope you get plenty of cuddles from Tyler…

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