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Happy & sad news- RIP Neo

October 5, 2015

Lani has had her puppies and  check the puppy page for a quick update ..

You know there are 2 things I don’t enjoy about having dogs. One is going away & leaving them & the other is them dying. Life can be so unfair at times. Here I am surrounded by beautiful dogs & puppies & yet I have tears writing this update.. Neo died today. . son of Tyler and Bruce..he was our families dog..   & today I share tears.. with Maia Casta Leonie and Kieron.

Those two little girls have spent years coming here  and playing with nearly every litter we had and when Maia turned 10yrs old she was given a dog toy for her birthday…  8wks later Neo .. He has come back with them every visit and every holiday they have he has with us..   a very special man who we will all miss hugely. Over the last few years Hoons has been his regular visitor  and play mate and it was sad on  their last visit only  2 weeks ago things had  changed.. I have gone through a few of my photos and would like to share some  I have taken when  Neo was little and his visits. He will have more happy times in that doggy place with his mum Tyler who  we lost not so many months ago.. Neo was too young.. tragic.. these photos are from Neo to you with love xx…


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  1. Bill Brown permalink
    October 6, 2015 1:50 pm

    Feeling for you Catherine and family for the loss of Neo. We are still sad after the passing of our beloved Rosie on August 26, so our sympathies go out to you, it is so heartbreaking to lose a soul that was so full of love and happiness. . . Bill, Eileen and Cheska Brown.

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