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Puppy paradise

November 11, 2015


Well it has been the most amazing few months for us here.  What with Molly’s 10 pups and then  5wks later Lani’s 7 followed 4 days later with Sue’s 7 pups… at one stage we had 24 pups here.. Yep puppy paradise. Super busy but the sort of busy I think most people would enjoy..  well only be those crazies who  don’t have the doggy passion that wouldnt!!

Molly & Bills pups were just fantastic little guys. I have taken so many hundreds of photos  and sent them to puppy owners I sort of ran out of time and energy  to do this.. sorry .. as I have had a few emails.. where are the puppy pics?!!  The time I have them goes way too fast and to be honest I prefer being with them than on the computer!!  We had a huge number of visitors and it was fantastic how so many of the new  families made the effort to visit. The pups would get so excited when people arrived but sometimes for little people they were a bit much!! (as you will see!!)

They have all left home now and here are are some of the new homes they have gone to.. It is way too hard for me to choose which photos to put up but I have chosen a few.. Delta and Bella went to Chch  and Jasper to Wgtn so sadly I havent met their families..

Right so those guys now gone.. we also had a lovely time with a young man we had to stay. Rudy who is from Charlie and Hoons. He handled it extremely well considering he comes from a one dog family and arrived here to be greeted by some pretty protective new mums with pups!! Rudy was here for a few weeks while his mum and dad were on holiday.. as you will see I think he coped!! My guys also caught a hare out on one of our walks while Rudy was here which was amazing … but also I happened to have my camera with my at the time.. they must have cornered it as they are way too fast for my guys. I  was in shock as in all the years we have lived here this is a first.. I took it home and Greg  skinned & gutted it and they had it for tea..

And now we have Lani and Sues stunning pups. They are all in together and having a ball.  Chico has been  a very doting dad too. Watching him having the kids clamber over him is just the neatest..Every evening Greg and I enjoy our  quiet catch up of the day and relax with a drink and talk to the pups.. I hate my photo being taken but .. well this time I got nabbed but what fabulous company to be nabbed in!!Its a great time. I will be sad when they all go and its not too long now. Trip to the vet next week and then they fly the coup 2 weeks later… If only you could keep them all!!!

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