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Happy New year 2016

January 3, 2016

2015 ended on a happy note with Chloe delivering 10 beautiful pups on the Sunday after Xmas. She hadn’t looked that big  so 10 pups were quite a surprise. We had a house full of people staying  so we had to take the whelping box upstairs to our bedroom to give Chloe some quiet time. Once the first pup had arrived & she settled down she was quite happy for the family to come & watch the other pups arrive. She did really well & had all the pups easily. A lovely range of colours and she is settling down and being a great mum. We now have a house full of teenagers staying so Chloe has had eyes on her and her babies continually..  I am trying to get through my email enquiries now  but please contact me if you are  after a pup.

Chloe and babes

Chloe and babes


It was lovely to meet Brie who is  Lanis sister when Sharon and Mark came to collect Piper.

We had Skye and Bing for longer which was nice. Bing would often get in our fish pond so we were very surprised to find a frog in there one day!!

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