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Sultry Summer

February 7, 2016

Well I will have say this has been an unusual summer. Like the tropics .. very hot humid & wet..

Firstly a very Happy Birthday to my Foxy Lady. Maddie is 13 yrs today. She will dine on Highland steak & K9 Natural tripe tonight..  She will be in heaven.. She is still as excited heading out on walks  today as she was as a puppy. We love our beautiful girl to bits..

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Frankie and Shiraz are now looking uncomfortable and we are really looking forward to the arrival of their pups  in the next 2 weeks. This is Frankies first litter and  we wonder how many pups she will have. Chloe surprised us with 10 .. and Frankie is looking pretty big.. watch this space!!

My poor wee pups at the 4-5wk stage found the humidity really unpleasant… it was when mothers milk was gold & yet on a hot day a glass of hot milk would be furthermost from all of our minds so the wee fellows would drink & then cry..  Poor  little things. They most certainly have overcome that now..

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Chloe has been a fantastic mother.  We had a house people of staying in the first 2 weeks so things were a bit unsettled for a first time mum .. However she has showed off her babies to all our visitors with so much pride.. she is super cute. All the pups have great homes to go to and we have enjoyed getting to know many of the new families already. Of course there is no show without Dad Chico either.. never one to turn down a cuddle.. and he is so lovely with the pups..

Here are just a few of the pics Id like to share..    A big Thank you to Grace who  lives in Dunedin and has been up here in Tauranga working, for making the effort to come & visit her little girl Nevina most weeks. Its nice for me to know  Nevina is going to a lovely Mum so far away..

It was lovely to meet Jan and Dick who traveled from Wellington to meet  a young re home pup we had here called Joss.  Thanks so much  for taking good care of her.. we enjoyed some fine wine that evening to celebrate too.. thank you Dick!! Also young Bear is now living with our Auckland family.. looks like he has made himself at home.

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