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Comings and Goings

February 22, 2016

It has been an extremely busy week. Frankies litter arriving on the 13th and Chloes leaving this w/e past and Shirazs arriving on the 20th . I am trying to get through my email enquiries… but if you dont hear from me soon please get back  in touch.

We have had a wonderful time with Chloe and Chicos 10 pups. Never such a huge colour range- red, black, chocolate, blue,  lilac  and tris. The tri  markings coming out later as the pups got older.So it has been a busy week saying good bye to these guys.  Some have flown  to  different parts to of the country and others picked up. It  has been really nice getting to know so many of the new owners who have for regular visits.. Chico continued to be a wonderful dad..

It was also nice to see Nicola with her Flynn. Flynn is Sues brother and come from Tui. We introduced Flynn to the pups and his young name sake Flynn!! hmm not so keen on the pesky pups but stayed for a quick photo!!

Then last Saturday on the 13th Frankie produced her beautiful litter. Another big litter of 9 pups. 5 boys, 4 girls. She like her sister Chloe is being a great mum..

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And this Saturday 20th  Shiraz had her pups. It was an all nighter and a long labour for Shiraz so it was nice for me to have Karen assist as  the midwife and keep us company. Karen has an older Tylerwild pup Winston and always visits the babies and wanted to experience their arrivals into the world.. Sadly we lost 2 pups but have 7 wee beauties.

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