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A very wet muddy winter

August 20, 2016

This has been the worst winter I can remember. We seem to have rain rain & more rain. The mud around here has driven us mad. It is so nice to now be seeing the sunshine. Lets hope it lasts.. It has been hard for to get out with my camera so I look forward to more sun so I can again..

I have had a few computer issues over the last month.. now back on track with a newbie.. still learning the ropes!! So my final pics of Molly & Tuis pups are a little late..

I have a very handsome young man with us called Luke. He is quite  like Chico in nature & a real honey. He is 6 months & looking for his forever home. See my Re-homes page for  his pictures. He is super friendly and will enjoy the company of another dog as well as people!! Update-Luke has found a home..


Tuis and Mollys pups are now sell settled in their new homes & growing fast.. here are the last pics as they left..


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