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the oldies and the young ones

September 27, 2016

We have just mated Frankie and Chico and Lani is also about to be mated so I thought while we are having a break from pups I would take this time to post some pics of my dear old friends.. the likes of my old Bruce Goose who will be 14 years in Nov and Maddie who will turn 14y in Feb. and Charlie will be 10y in Jan too..They are still a big part of our life here. I love my old dogs to bits, in fact it is because of them and the bond you have it makes parting with pups so much easier.  It was pretty sad last year losing Tyler and Hoons.. hard to believe its nearly a year since Hoons died. Still seems very fresh and I can’t talk about them without  tears..  Brucie is starting to age now too.. for a while we didnt think he would get through the winter but he is still happy on our walks and eating well. Brucie has lost control of his bowels now and  I felt awful not having him inside over winter but we set him up on a warm bed with the puppy electric blanket and he was happy. I will not let my dogs suffer as they get old.. often the hardest decision to make but you just know when that time comes

We have had some lovely visits from some of our older Tylerwild dogs too..  It was a special time to see Holly who is nearly 12 and is from Tyler and Bruce. Over the years we have had Holly back here and although a bit slower this time she hasn’t changed. She reminded me of her mum Tyler.. so here are some of the gang out and about..  and some of the visitors we have had recently.. Aya ( 7mnths from Frankie and Chico) Miro (1yr from Molly and Bill) We are still having this awful rain so it hasn’t been the incentive to have the camera out.. but I have managed a few!!!!

And of course my two  young cheeky monkees I have.. Hanna who was born in April from Tui and Chico. She is a serious wee thing.. oh man shes a honey..  she s full of surprises that one. I thought she was going to be a right handful as she was so determined as a  wee pup but she has been a breeze.. She was never a cuddler but she is turning into an extremely loyal and loving wee girl. Her best mate ever is Mishka who is a sable I have imported from Aussie.. Mishka is only 3wks younger but a lot smaller than Hanna and is everyones friend. It is just so nice having 2 pups the same age. I think it keeps them younger and I spend hours just watching them play. It is super cute.. more to come on these two but here is a glimpse of mayhem!!

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